Sunday, July 17, 2011

New life for Salzman's mobs?

There's no election in play, the Garr Nielsen thing is fizzling, Richardson Grove has only revealed how idiotic they can be, but maybe there's hope - rumors of WalMart, the evil boogeyman, coming to town? Will the intrepid "progressives" be able to gin up the rage? Stay tuned.

Mystery retailer prepares to move into Gottschalks building; company to finance $4.6 million in facility improvements - TS
Architect in Mystery Bayshore Mall Project is Wal-Mart’s Go-To Dude - Hank/LoCo

Looks like they're trying: ◼ Heraldo starts it off: Wal-Mart to dig its ugly claws into Eureka


  1. Meanwhile, Rose is still unemployed, spending 10 hours a day on her blog

  2. I disagree Rose, the Garr Neilsen thing has dried up and is blowing away as I stroke the keyborad.

    Even with Larry, Linda, and the other loons putting in their best efforts that ship has sailed. Garr is gone and that is a good thing.

    But they do seem to need to have something to get all wound up about.

    If Wal Mart goes in at the mall, I might start going back to the mall. I'd shop at Wal Mart just because I could imagine it would piss off Glass and the rest of the Glassholes.

  3. Looks like the grovies actions are not preventing any big box from going in.

  4. Start paying attention - as the campaign against Rex Bohn has begun - you have Salzman coming on the herald in his own name, playing nice - but watch the anonymous comments, the cadence and the rhythm, the planting of anonymous bumper stickers in the dead of night as he plants the poisonous seeds. It's all there, the tactics should be familiar, and the reporters should be wise to it this time - but are they?

  5. It seems to me that Richardson Grove was stopped dead in its tracks by a Federal Judge. When you prevail on the preliminary injunction, you almost always prevail on the permanent injunction. With the inability of Wal-Mart's huge trucks to make it up here behind the Redwood Curtain (through the 101) it means that there prices will not be competitive. They don't like losing money. I say this will not happen.

  6. Poisonous seeds being planted at Bayshore Mall as we speak

    Do you feel that the voters got it wrong in '99 Rose?

  7. Hey ANON 11:48, you are a moron. Walmart trucks are already on that road traveling to the WALMART in Cresent City!!! You Progs are just pissed off because this building would have made a great indoor grow for your "medicine." To Anon 12:43, thank God those poisonous seeds cann't be planted there.

  8. @3:41 Nope. You're wrong. They take I-5 to 299, and then onto Crescent City. Those Wal-Mart trucks are way too large. Never ever seen a Wal-Mart truck through Eureka, ever.

  9. Nothing to vote on Wal-Mart at Bayshore Mall. I would of thought the prodigies would of refrained from Wal-Mart and voting issue after the same excuse with Marina Center. Apparently the idea things change, didn't occur to the regressives.

  10. 5:01, 299?is not yet STAA.

    Mob is right about that group.

  11. Who's a "prodigies?"

  12. Anonymous is stuck on this idea that I need a job. i don't. On the contrary, I help other people find and get jobs.

    Lots of people DO need jobs, however, and they are getting harder and harder to find as business after business falls. It's not just in the vacant storefronts that you see the signs though - look at the advertising circulars - Target's Garden Dept is permanently closed, where many such big boxes had been offering a huge variety of goods, like garden decor, umbrellas and outdoor furniture, they no longer do. That tells you that the baby boomer's cocooning phase has been wiped out by the recession.

    The inaccurately termed "progressives" are in love with their armageddon rhetoric, their scare tactics, and their demons - meanwhile, stores like WalMart, by selling things at prices people can afford, put more money in the pockets of ordinary Americans than all of the glorious welfare programs.

    While the "progressive"regressives are gnashing their teeth, regular people go to KMart and Target, and WalMart for necessities - toothbrushes, toothpaste, diapers, dog food, shampoo, flip flops, towels, sheets, socks, batteries, laundry soap, t-shirts, cheap rugs and curtains, baby clothes, cameras, video games, waste baskets, scarves, watches.... these are, by and large, NOT things that are carried by little boutiques in Old Town.

    Which store in Old Town sells sheets and towels? The Linen Closet? They have high end goods, $300+ sets of sheets. The average person cannot - and does not - pay $300 for a set of sheets, nice as they may be. They don't buy them and they aren't given them as gifts.

    Reality. Vs. Rhetoric.

    Next time someone you know starts and anti-WalMart rant - ask them - what do people BUY at WalMart? Before you whack them upside the head.

  13. You're right Rose, the voters got it wrong in 99'. Fools.

  14. Anon/6:00 - do you see a difference between Target and WalMart? KMart and WalMart?

    I don't.

  15. The Middle Class needs Walmart. Trickle down economics hasn't worked for decades. The Republicans killed the Middle Class. Enter Walmart to bridge the divide.

  16. Crescent City is doing just dandy with their big box all-star lineup

  17. Trickle down economics? Who believes that garbage anymore?

  18. The pot growers do. They love to regale you with all the ways their illegal sales benefit everyone in the county. Why, because they make six-figure incomes, everyone from the car-dealers to the restaurants to the carpet cleaners have jobs.

  19. Hey, this something! Eric doesn't censor my posts these days on his blog but his moral pigmy political tag-teammate, Heraldo does on his blog. And now with Eric away and Heraldo running his blog, guess what? My posts are now censored on Eric's blog too! Isn't that surprising as all get out. We are so blessed to have such a fine upstanding UFO in our county--oh that stands for unidentified foul odor, btw..

  20. It's all bullshit Rose, from the Repugs to the pot thieves

  21. Trickle down economics always has been, and always will be, a reality as long as we have a free market. The myth that "rich" people don't spend their money is just that ... a myth. They spend plenty of money, and everyone along the way benefits. I live in a city that hosts several huge conventions every year. One of them is the American Quarter Horse convention, and we also get the Good Guys Hot Rod Convention every year. Let me tell you, those folks spend MONEY, and thousands of people in this city come home with a fat wallet afterwards. I doubt that your local dope growers are any different.

  22. Guy wrote,"I live in a city that hosts several huge conventions every year. One of them is the American Quarter Horse convention, and we also get the Good Guys Hot Rod Convention every year. Let me tell you, those folks spend MONEY, and thousands of people in this city come home with a fat wallet afterwards."

    Well Guy,Rose doesn't live in the city where Walmart is coming into.She's perfectly fine with it staying out of McVille and instead sticking the store in the worst part of Eureka where she can play the "concerned for the unemployed or poor card",and rant on about how it will better lives of everyone,while all the while knowing that Walmart is a local economy draining company with deplorable working conditions.Rose would be singing a different tune if this company was heading up north towards her home.Rose,you say it's horrible that some Eurekans may deplore this action,then talk to your friends on the Community Services District,or Mr. Sundberg and make sure that Walmart hears from them about how much they will bend over backwards to bring Walmart into McKinleyville instead of Eureka.

  23. Our Borders just bit the dust. The whole chain will be liquidated by the end of September.

  24. Oh, shut up, Mark. WalMart, if it comes, is going to move into an existing General Growth properties MALL. For crying out loud. And in the past they were going to move onto a site where a LONG TIME Montgomery Ward had stood, and where the new TARGET now stands.

    McKinleyville has a KMart already - you tell me the DIFFERENCE between them - and what they sell...

    I know you like to imagine all kinds of weird things happening, but the truth is, people will buy sheets, and hairbrushes, and socks, and nail polish, and candles, and bobby pins and motor oil, if they're goin all out they might buy a TV, or a washer and dryer, same as at KMart or Sears.

    Besides, Humboldt County is a small town, Mark, what happens in Eureka affects us all, and having MORE CHOICES is a good thing.

    AND, while you're carping, why don't you EXPLAIN to me EXACTLY which small local business sells toothbrushes and toothpaste and nail polish and dog food and all the stuff I have detailed, the stuff people buy at a WalMart or a KMart or a Target - name ONE small shop in Old Town that competes with them.

    BESIDES the Linen Closet.... who sells cheap socks, for example?

  25. Yeah, Gordon, that's sad about Borders. Do you think the internet is killing of the book market?

  26. :Shopping

    Plan on spending some time shopping while in Eureka.

    At the south end of town, you'll find the huge Bayshore Mall with its four major department stores, 80 specialty shops, 10-restaurant food court, and multi-screen movie theater. It's a fully-enclosed mall, which is nice if the weather is rainy. Eureka also has a big Costco discount store.

    My favorite place to shop, though, is Old Town. This is an area of a few square blocks down near the waterfront where you'll find an eclectic collection of specialty shops, art galleries, antique stores, and restaurants. Many of the buildings are historic landmarks. All the while, you can watch the boats going by. It's quite lovely. "

    Eureka, California

  27. Rose,

    Maybe, but I also think that the demise of Borders presents an opportunity: the return of the well-run neighborhood bookstore--like Northtown in Arcata. Borders and B&N killed off most of those stores and people miss them.

  28. Yeah, I agree that MALLS have hurt small businesses - little dress shops, gone, bookstores and places like the Works, mostly gone.

    But Walmart, KMart, Target are more like the Five and Dimes that disappeared long before they came along. They're the 'necessities" places for the new communities.

    That doesn't mean that there isn't still a niche for Northtown - and Blake's Books (my favorite)...

    And Target/KMart/WalMart having a garden dept is no substitute for Miller Farms or the other more in depth nurseries.

  29. Bobby pins? How old are you Rose, 80? Been collecting Social Security for some time now?

  30. Savage Henry reports own WalMart across America

  31. LOL, I know - I didn't think they even MADE bobby pins any more, but you'd be surprised. When your kid needs them for a play costume, the only place you can find 'em is somewhere like Safeway, KMart or Target.

    It's those little things - and that's what I am trying to get across - THINK - instead of the overarching rhetoric, the woe is us, and disaster falls, what is it REALLY?

    Now, if you are willing to open up a small local shop that is going to carry these uninspiring, not so fun to go to market to pick out kinds of things, THEN you might have something to bitch about.

    As it is, the people who set up local stores have higher visions in mind. Beautiful bedding at the Linen Closet, silk bathrobes and expensive toiletries are much more fun to pick out, display and are a far cry from the basic necessities found at the "Big Boxes."

    Face it, when you need a box of push pins, where are you going to go? Old Town? Or KMart?

  32. The bias against Walmart mainly comes in two forms ... the people who hate them because they hate all big businesses, and the arrogant pricks who hate them and look down their noses at them because of the clientele they supposedly draw.

    Both types of people make me sick. Let businesses do business, and the MARKET will determine which companies prosper, and which ones fail. If you're the type to look down your nose at Walmart customers because of how they look or dress, then you probably hate most of middle America, and that makes you an elitist prick in my book.

    The people who whine about what a Walmart does to small town businesses are most likely small town business owners themselves, who have failed to keep pace with the times, and want help protecting their piece of the pie. In business, things are always changing, and it's up to the businessman to stay on top of the changes and adapt. Expecting "protection" from other more competitive businesses runs contrary to the principles of capitalism. It's simple .. if you want to stay in business, you have to give your customers what they want, and need.

    If you charge 20% more for a crappy assortment of outdated hardware like they do in my small town hardware store, you're going to go out of business when a better store come in to town. It's just life in the business world. Personally, I'd love to see a Walmart come into my town, so I didn't have to drive 20 miles to get what I need at a reasonable price. The owner of the crappy hardware store can get a job in Walmart's hardware department.

    If you can't handle the reality of that, you're probably a liberal ...

  33. I agree - the market will decide. there are many chain stores that have come and gone. It's part of the cycle of life. Home Depot type stores will thrive while the baby boomers are still in their cocooning phase, fixing up their houses and landscaping their properties.

    When that boom is over, the business will close and the empty shell will be there for another hermit crab to move into, whatever the next new phase will be. Maybe it'll be nursing home supplies as the baby boomers age, and live to be 110, or maybe it will be new rocket ship building supplies, if space travel suddenly becomes something everyone gets involved in - you don't know what the future holds, and trying to keep everything as it is is just silly.

  34. M.R. You are easily the winner of Mr. Stupid commenter on the blogs in Humboldt.

    The problem is the local prog's regard you as harmless and let you hang out. You hear all their garbage and puke it back out as if you had an original thought.

    You however do not grasp what is being said and write complete crap. No logic, off topic, just to get in a shot at Rose. It would not surprise me if you are the anon who keeps harping on her work status and shots at her other blog.


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