Saturday, July 02, 2011

Criminal censorship

Hoopa Tribe shuts down Two Rivers Tribune over controversial articles; tribal newspaper staff rallying supporters for council meeting
The Hoopa Valley Tribal Council chairman shut down the tribe's newspaper through a memo sent Friday afternoon, citing financial issues and disagreement over controversial articles.

Controversial. But excellent.

What is a newspaper for if not to tell the story, cover the issue? Controversial it may be, but the decision to publish Hunsucker's account of the killing was and is the right thing to do.

The Arcata Eye: As we celebrate the Fourth of July weekend, a fine Humboldt County newspaper is dying.
Chairman Shuts Down Newspaper Day Before New Council Sworn In - Two Rivers Tribune


  1. No news is good news?

    I'm sure everyone in Hoopa can just get their news from the Times Standard, TV channel 3, cable TV, local radio stations or the internet.

    Problem is that those outlets often overlook Hoopa. Way to go tribe!

    Keep your people uninformed so that you can do what you want to do and not attract attention just like the corporations that own the major media outlets in the rest of this country.

    It is a sad story.

  2. I saw your post at the Mirror. As has been reported on other blogs, the Mirror bugs change posts they don't like which is why no one with any sense bothers to post there. It's a juvenile, testosterone overdosed site with no credibility at all.

  3. Well, since you walk around like you own the place - you should have no fear posting there.

    It's just another example of your cowardice and refusal to stand behind your own words.

    wassa matta? Somebody might get maaaaaad at you? Chicken.

    It only makes sense, if you are responding to what I said, do it there, where I said it. Maybe someone else will be interested in what you have to say.

  4. When posts are edited by the blog owner, there is no point in posting there. You, at least, only delete the posts you don't like.

  5. There have been very few deleted on this blog.

    It is common practice to delete comments on other blogs - and people with Wordpress blogs have the ability to EDIT comments - that's actually a PLUS, anonymous, as it allows them to let your comment stand, with offending language either altered or removed, rather than having to delete it altogether. Having seen some of what gets through at both the Herald and The Mirror, I can only imagine what they are having to slog through.

    But don't worry - all comments come to me by email, so even if they are removed, they are saved. I suspect the other blogs also have a complete record. And that includes the Herald and the Mirror.

    Again - this is a civil conversation. Why do you feel that you need to be anonymous in order to have it? Do you not live in a free country?

  6. When a factual post is edited to change the entire post and is insulting to the poster, that isn't a plus. When the blog owner goes even further and posts under other poster's ID's to insult them, it is no longer editing but fraud. That you support such dishonesty isn't surprising since you have so much trouble with honesty yourself.

  7. "Again - this is a civil conversation. Why do you feel that you need to be anonymous in order to have it? Do you not live in a free country?"

    As you pointed out in a post at the Mirror, using your own name can result in being denied employment by personnel managers who can find out everything you've ever posted on the internet. Since you have demonstrated that you fully understand this simple fact, it's disingenuous for you to claim otherwise now.

  8. You're not going to lose your job for being snarky to me, "anonymous."

    I'm betting you say this shit in public in front of your friends, so if you can do that, you can do it here. Ch-i-ck-en. Buk-buk-buk-buk.

    Earth you anonymous - you ain't a whistleblower, and if you don't have the courage of your own convictions, but have to hide and snivel in the shadows, I feel sorry for you. Bub.

  9. Make that earth TO you....

  10. Ignoring your own statement about why people should be careful about posting complaints in their own name is really pathethic Rose. Linking your real name to your IP address is really stupid unless you're a suck up who never complains about government, businesses or anyone else with the power to make your life miserable, especially on blogs with unscrupulous editors who can turn your post into something disgusting.

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  12. You just made my point.

  13. Yeah, I'd say camping out here is kinda sad.

  14. If I was ever connected to your site for more than a couple of minutes, it a failure to disconnect. There's never anything here that takes more than a couple of minutes to read. But you did make my point about unscrupulous blog owners, like yourself.

  15. No, "anonymous" - you think you get to slink around bashing everyone anonymously, you think you get to bash on me, and simply because it's my blog I am supposed to sit here and take it, and you cal me unscrupulous if I don't?

    I don't know what planet you hail from, but you are a jerk, you are consistently rude, and your cowardice is despicable.

    And again - no one is going to think less of you for disagreeing with me - heck you might be able to use it for a job reference with EPIC - or Gallegos. Or Baykeeper and Pierson. I'm sure you're eminently employable.

  16. I've noticed you call all the anonymous here and at the Mirror cowards slinking around bashing everyone too.... HA! You don't mind if its anonymous bashing people you are bashing.

  17. I'd say the same thing about going after Larry Glass - if you don't have PROOF it shouldn't be said. One begets the other, in that war...

    Perhaps Garr can calm the waters. Or maybe Larry can do the right thing - and put a stop to all this. But no. Instead he is fomenting it. With new regurgitated bumper stickers.

    I'd fault the Mirror - but they seem to be a response, and the flying heraldos are the cause.

    There's not much else to say about it. I can see it is going to get uglier and uglier.

  18. Anon, dipshit. 3 plus hours is a long time. I would say stalking is what you are doing. Have watched your chicken shit garbage for a while now. Man-up or shut up.

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