Friday, July 01, 2011

Council approves Nielsen firing

Council approves Nielsen firing - TS
The Eureka City Council voted 4-1 today, with Councilwoman Linda Atkins dissenting, to approve the firing of former Police Chief Garr Nielsen....

At the conclusion of the closed session, interim city attorney Andy Stunich also reported that the council voted unanimously to affirm the appointment of EPD Capt. Murl Harpham as interim police chief.
EKA City Council Affirms Nielsen Firing - LCO
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  1. This is a good move. I wonder what took them so long?

    If Nielsen was still the chief of police would he be on the DA's "Brady" list????????

  2. I don't know - and the thing is - there are all kinds of accusations being slung right now - the mob at The Humboldt Herald is dragging the City Council people - and the Mayor - through the mud on the way to the gallows.

    Frankly - if there is something to say like that, you need FACTS and DOCUMENTATION and he has the right to face his accuser.

    It is obvious that there is more going on than just the butting of heads of two men - I am not buying that this is personal - and I wish that the officials involved were free to let us know what is going on. Far as I can tell, the one in control of that flow of information is Nielsen himself. If he waives his right to privacy, it could all come out. Good, bad or indifferent.

    Or he could call off the mob. In the interest of the community, allowing the frothing of the mouth and the torches and pitchforks to take root means he is leaving the city in exactly the same condition it was when he came.

    And that's sad - because I think he was leaving it a better place than he found it - and if he called them off, maybe could again.


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