Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Not so fast, heraldo

Abused babies as political footballs

Let's get the facts.

CR991295S_People v Brian Cristophe Schooling


  1. Rose is going to blow a fuse

    How is are Allison's polling numbers?

  2. LOL. No, heraldo has stepped in it this time. Stand by.

    If you have to poll you don't know your community. But you can ask Chris Kerrigan, doesn't he have a polling co.?

  3. Rose, we're all standing by. Everybody at Heraldo's is on pins and needles waiting for your other shoe to drop. Godspeed, Rose!

  4. So --- Andrew Bird er 'Heraldo' is outed???

    Was he wearing those disgusting sweats he walks around town in to get his exercize? eeewwwww!

    Was he knocking on David Cobb's door on 14th Street looking for a place to hide on his regular route to get "air" between working 'diligently' on his "Novel"?

  5. Wow. I understand now. I am also glad that someone is going to shake up and fix the problem.


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