Thursday, June 03, 2010

LOL Crime wave.


  1. We all know what his campaign managers name in real life is: Anon. lol

  2. LOL. HIs campaign manager in real life has LOTS of sock puppets... most notable were R. Trent Williams and Sara Salzman. More correctly, Sara was his dog's name, Sarah (the dog) Salzman.

    At one point he was caught on his Web Of Lies

    More recently, he sorta inadvertently outed himself, and then was outed further: in this thread

  3. Hey Rose. Where's the bombshell you promised?

  4. I said "Hold on. Check the facts."

    Thaddeus Greenson did so, and you should read the TS article this morning. He did a good job.

  5. From the comments at the Eye:
    Daniel Wasserman - June 16, 2010 at 8:05 pm
    Which people does Mr. Gallegos represent? The District Attorney is the elected leading prosecutor of criminal cases against persons accused of criminal felonies, misdemeanors, and infractions. The DA is not supposed to interpret the law, but instead to charge and seek convictions of persons believed to be guilty of aforementioned crimes. The DA is not supposed to pursue cases if he/she does not believe that the case can proved beyond a reasonable doubt, believes the person accused is not guilty of the crime, or that justice is best served if consequences suffered by the accused outweigh that which the consequences of the sentence.

    I believe that Mr. Gallegos’ decision to purposely fail to prosecute marijuana related violations is, in word and deed, a violation of his oath of office. Whether a person is fully supportive of a law or wholly against a law, when you swear an oath to uphold and enforce the laws of county state and nation, then, by God, that is what a person should do. What ever his motives,no matter how noble he may believe them to be, Mr. Gallegos has failed to uphold his oath. That is the equivelant of lying.

    By the way, DA Investigators are not “Top Cops” Their jurisdiction does not extend in to any place that any other California State Sworn Peace Officer cannot go. An officer in Eureka may pursue an investigation as readily as a DA investigator. The EPD cop is merely paid to work inside of Eureka, primarily. As to the DA and his investigators being the only agency that can go “anywhere in the county”, I must feign surprise at all those arrests that the HUMBOLDT COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE has made wherever they go inside the county. Either Mr. Gallegos is woefully ignorant of the nature of PC 832 and police powers by the very LEGAL definition, or he is a liar.

  6. Either ignorant or a liar? He's both.


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