Thursday, June 24, 2010

"Humboldt County is the Place Where Ambition Goes To Die"

Movin’ On Up The Journal - Town Dandy

But it doesn't have to be.


  1. Gallegos' apostle Albert Gore has been out raping and abusing women all these years. Bill and Al probably were tag teaming the young interns. Paul Gallegos should be ashamed of his Guru Al Gore. Paul Gallegos should step down now.

  2. Once again, Hanks articles reveal more about himself than they do about the topic at hand... This is going from funny to very tedious...

  3. Maybe. But he's right

    Question is, what will be done about it? Tune in in 10 years to find out.

    Infill is not going to protect our quality of life, though, far from it. It is in fact the thing that will turn us into the city we all stayed here to avoid. Like so much else, oddly Orwellian.

  4. Someone ought to review the District of Columbia Organic Act of 1801. Seems as though those folks have been at their Utopia quest for quite a while.

    Hoot, your part of the country is lucky to have no Deep Water Sea Port, No working Rail Road, and just a half wide trail called US 101 snaking its way through Richardson Grove.

    Yep, Thank your Lucky Stars that all the Stars in planning and preventing your future are so prosaically concerned in their righteous quest of your future.

    I mean after all, who in their right mind would plan to have prosperity as a concern in the GRAND PLAN if it meant someone had to go out and do real work when they can work for the people and get paid to do it and never have to make a decision without going to Court?

    Where I live in California (Coachella Valley) we have much the same problem. One day too much Sand, next day we are told we don't have enough and the next day a sand storm. All we do is pack sand. Then we spend money to unpack sand, and when unpacked someone goes and packs it up again day in day out. Just a pile of SAND and we will always have people in the Desert who do not understand the nature of Sand and will always find a way to overcome that fact in Nature, Sand makes more Sand.

    Progress is much like sand and sometimes it just piles up until a storm of hard working people put an end to the pile of dead wood holding back the Sand and let the Sand flow to where is was going, to where it was progressing.

    Yep, you can be real glad you folks don't gotta worry about sand. Cause the sands of time will progress without any input from the peoples planning commission.

  5. @ Anonymous 6:24 p.m. The Gallegos haters sink to an absolute new low. Neither Al Gore or Paul Gallegos name is even mentioned in this article. Yet, some hate-monger decides to claim Al Gore was now raping women, even though the news reports were that Al Gore may have sexually harassed one person (By the way, last time I checked there was a difference between Rape and Sexual Harassment), then you some how link and connect Gallegos into this hate-filled speech, and use that for your clarion call that he should resign. Have you no shame? This is just disgusting in my opinion. If you want to attack Gallegos, do so fairly and with facts, then maybe some might see this website as a legitimate point for discussion instead of a place for hate-mongers to anonymously libel Gallegos. I don't think this was you Rose, because you at least post your first name on your posts, but since you run this blog, I think you have an obligation to monitor and police this stuff.

  6. You are shitting us 6:18?


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