Thursday, June 24, 2010

Allison Jackson thanks the voters

Moving forward to November
Letters to the Editor Posted: 06/24/2010 01:15:27 AM PDT

To the voters who participated in last Tuesday's Primary Election - Thank you. To my supporters, I sincerely appreciate your confidence and your vote.

As we move forward toward the November General Election, I look forward to continuing to meet you and hear your concerns about our community, and to elevating the community's awareness as to the importance of the District Attorney's Office. The issues are so very important and what happens in November will affect all of us, especially the most vulnerable of our community. These same issues will also affect our entire administration of justice, interaction with law enforcement and protection of our families in the future.

Allison Jackson
District attorney candidate

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  1. Thank YOU Allison for being thoughtful, intelligent, and straight forward and still want to run for this very crucial office. No blather, no rhetoric, no plagerism. AMAZING.


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