Friday, July 17, 2009

Whitmill update

Evidence, charges unchanged against Whitmill
A motion to dismiss three charges, including second-degree murder, against a Willow Creek man accused of racing down Highway 299 and killing a 9-year-old girl last October was denied Wednesday.

Attorney Glenn Brown requested the dismissal of blood alcohol content evidence against Jason Bradley Whitmill, 32, on June 11 and three charges related to the evidence: second degree murder, driving while intoxicated causing bodily injury and gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated....

Brown requested the BAC be dismissed arguing that police illegally drew and tested Whitmill's blood without his consent. In the judge's statement, (Superior Court Judge Dale A) Reinholsten determined officers had probable cause to draw Whitmill's blood....

...Whitmill is also accused of engaging in a speed contest causing bodily injury and hit and run driving causing injury. Flores is accused of gross vehicular manslaughter, engaging in a speed contest causing bodily injury and hit and run driving causing injury.

Their jury trial is scheduled to begin Sept. 8....


  1. Down in SoCal "speed contests" like this have become common.

    When I was visiting my sister a couple of months ago (she lives in San Bernardino)the newspapers were featuring the people who got caught "street racing" and they showed photos of these guys suped-up cars being crushed in a giant compactor!

    That's right. They have a law in SB and Riverside, that says the courts can seize vehicles used in illegal street racing - and destroy them upon conviction.

    To top that off, they have the driver stand there and watch his race car get demolished!
    Not sure how this program is doing, but it was started about a year ago according to my sister.

  2. Glen Brown is a pretty smart guy, but I don't think he could have gone far with the BAC test. Whitmill was on parole and was required to submit to anti-narcotic testing by any law enforcement agency. I believe this test fell under that condition of parole whether Whitmill wanted to submit or not. Too bad the victims end up being loss in all this legalize crap!

  3. interesting thx 4 post!


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