Thursday, July 23, 2009

Irony in the making?

Drug Task Force raids suspected SoHum grow house, business
Humboldt Drug Task Force raids SoHum grow houses, business
The Humboldt County Drug Task Force led a raid Wednesday on three suspected Southern Humboldt grow houses and a business, resulting in three arrests.

Ann Edwards, 49, of Benbow, owner of Folk Art in Garberville, is believed to be associated with all properties, according to a press release. Edwards, along with Cheryl Cacopardo, 53, and Robert Delgrande, 41, were arrested on suspicion of cultivation and possession of marijuana for sale.

Financial documents have been seized from Edward's business.

Agents reportedly discovered roughly 700 marijuana plants growing in the residences located on the 7900 and 7400 blocks of Benbow Drive, and the 200 block of Fairway Drive.

Could be a bit ironic - if that Ann Edwards is the same one who tried to keep someone from opening a Tow Shop in Garberville, because you know a TOW SHOP would be COMPLETELY INAPPROPRIATE.


  1. Yeah Garberville only likes real businesses, such as those that traffic in drugs and launder money through BS art studios and coffee shops.

  2. I don't know Ms Edwards but Folk Art is a wonderful store that lots of people shop in (My husband bought me a beautiful Christmas present from there this year). And the coffee shops are the busiest businesses in town. I don't know how anyone who has spent anytime in Garberville could call the Coffee shops BS.

  3. Last week the headlines read, "Thieves clean out local business.”
    This week the headlines read, “ Cops clean out local business”.
    It’s been a bitch of a month for business in Garberville.

  4. Ernie I would appreciate it if you didn't use such sexist language. It says a lot about your view of women and I don't care how old you are, it's time to let your anger go.

  5. Anon
    Quite honestly, I didn't have a clue what you were talking about, until about the third time that I read the comment.

    I think that both of us must have deep seated unresolved mental problems. Until I can get help, please strike the offending word, and enter your own word for a very troublesome month.

    Meanwhile, Methinks thou doth protest too much.

  6. LOL Ernie, methinks you are right.

  7. Look, as everyone knows a very large percentage of the arty shops around G'ville are money laundering fronts. This is very bad for the community, whether or not you found a cute trinket in one. Corruption is corruption. Let's not sugar coat it.

  8. The war on drugs is corrupt.CAMP is corrupt.Law enforcement profiting from this war is corrupt.It's bad for any community,whether you support the efforts of law enforcement or not.Let's not sugar coat that.

  9. It's easy to say that, mresquan - but I would counter that those who grow illegally and profit and do not pay taxes, or business license fees, or comply with business regulations, or adhere to all the rules for employee withholding are also corrupt. Those who get PG&E low-income exemptions while selling for profit are corrupt. Those who lie, using 215 cards, while selling are not only corrupt but are immoral, as are those who risk their families' and childrens' lives and futures in the name of illegal profit are immoral and corrupt.

    We can say it it - you yours, and I mine - are we right? Completely? Partially? Equally?

  10. And those who dump diesel into the creek and trade pot for heroin and automatic weapons...

    The truth is if the growers paid their fair share of taxes and fees we would be a very wealthy county. Instead, they pay nothing while bleeding dry our legal, police and medical resources.

  11. We might be a wealthy County, but the State continues to rob the Counties of their funds.

    And many of these same immoral, corrupt people sit around and opine that the rich should pay more to attempt satiate the insatiable appetites of mresquan's corrupt lawmakers. (Who the corrupt and immoral ignore themselves, but think everyone else should obey to the arcane letters, nay, dots on the i's, of the laws they do not care a whit about.)

    They even argue that we should make it easier for them to spend more than they take legally at an even faster rate by removing the 2/3 majority vote that is currently required to pass laws that let them take more. Yes. Let's make it even easier for them to be corrupt, immoral and irresponsible, til the ship of State is run aground and everyone is weary of the game.

  12. "The truth is if the growers paid their fair share of taxes and fees we would be a very wealthy county."

    Even if they wanted to,they couldn't right now,due to the corrupt ties between the growers who wouldn't ever desire to pay the taxes,the law enforcement officials who need it to for booster their claim that they need a bigger salary,the store owners who can inflate their prices for growing equipment,and the lawyers who look to profit off of the plea bargains.

  13. "the store owners who can inflate their prices for growing equipment"

    Like you would know. The fact is, the hydro stores charge 1/4 the price of the nurseries for consumable items like mycorrhizae. Do a comparison shop sometime.

  14. One of the good things about all of the grower suplies in SoHom, it makes it great for us folks that just like to have nice flowers.

  15. LOL. Yeah, I always wondered why the regular nurseries didn't take up that market and run with it.


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