Friday, July 24, 2009

Gallegos' latest case

Trial starts for former Fortuna teacher
A jury has been selected and testimony began Thursday in the trial of a former Fortuna Union High School teacher who is accused of having sex with a 17-year-old student.

Dierdre Marie Peterson, 41, is charged with unlawful sex, oral copulation with a minor and molesting a minor. She has pleaded not guilty, claiming that she was raped, according to court documents.

District Attorney Paul Gallegos told the jury Thursday in his opening statement that although Peterson was known for taking in “stray” children and helping them get through tough times, she made some bad decisions.

”In this case, the story you will hear is good intentions and poor choices, and the regret and deceit that often follow those kind of decisions,” he said.

Gallegos called many of Peterson's activities admirable, such as her youth leadership role in church and caring for others, but that she took things too far.

”There's nothing wrong with attraction but Ms. Peterson chose to act on it,” he said.

Gallegos briefly described the alleged sexual acts the victim detailed to police. When Kim Peterson, the defendant's husband, was out of town and the victim was sleeping over at the Peterson home, Dierdre Peterson allegedly gave the victim a back massage that escalated to sexual intercourse.

The alleged acts took place around June 2008.


  1. I saw a report on CNN the other day about women educators (nationwide) who are being charged with sex crimes with students.
    The report said that cases (of women molesting underage boys)have been steadily increasing over a five-year span ending with 2008.
    Like all reports, I take that with a grain of salt because of all the variables in a deduction like that.
    For example, it could be a societal thing that has been going on for a long time and now with instant news we're just hearing about it.
    Things were different when we were young.Lots of things didn't get into the news back then.
    Having said all that, I have to admit complete surprise when I first starting hearing about cases of women molesting underage boys in recent years.
    I always associated molestation with bad men going after girls and boys.
    Shows how naive I was.

  2. I don't think so. Women don't molest boys. Any guys that had sex with older women likely loved it.

    I know I had teachers whose bones I would of loved to jump. I had my first sex when I was 15 with a girl that was 18. I loved it. Should she have been arrested? I think not.


  3. There you have it. Double-standard in our sexually biased society. What was considered "normal" behavior for adolescents seeking out sex information in normal biological fashion before the advent of the politically correct sexual behavior overseers, in our society can get you locked up for years as adults totally forget their own childhood experiences and treat adolescents as if they had no sexuality at all.

  4. Exactly. The lunatics are in charge of the aslyum.

    And if you speak up about it, you'll be told you're supporting child molesters.

  5. Of course, Fred made waves on the blogosphere last year by stating that kidnap/molestation victim Shawn Hornbeck enjoyed his situation.

    Somethings never change with Fred... Well, nothing ever changes with Fred.

  6. Are you Fred's troll? Oh man.

  7. I guess bringing up facts makes one a troll with Rose. Sorry reality is a little uncomfortable when it comes to positions your friends have made in the past.

  8. What facts?

  9. Rose, what research has been done concerning sexual molestation in the teacher's history when she was a child?

    Any data results?

  10. Are you Fred's troll? Oh man.

    I think under the ObamaCare plan of wealth redistribution, we should all get our own personal batmen.

    Body servants are the way to go.

  11. In this case the 16 year old was stalking the Peterson home. That police report was ushered under the rug by the DA. Nor did the information regarding the young man come out regarding expulsion over desire to kill someone directed at a pregnant female teacher. Um...some info DA nor media wants revealed because they would rather believe societal woes rest with educators. Oh man, Paul is a poor DA. He charged this case before even seeing the info.

  12. I would advise you to use the word 'alleged' - he has not been charged with any crime, to my knowledge. I am unable to edit comments on this Blogger format (Wordpress allows it). I'm letting the comment stand with that caveat - you obviously have followed the case closely.


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