Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Trial news

Back in Action owner trial set for November
Back in Action owner Darrell Slape will face charges of sexual battery and abuse in a trial set to begin Nov. 9.
In a pre-trial conference Tuesday afternoon, Humboldt County Superior Court Judge W. Bruce Watson granted the defense's motion to consolidate two cases, one of practicing physical therapy without a license and a count of sexual battery and another case of sexual battery.

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The state of California conducted four separate and simultaneous investigations of Slape’s business. Three of the four investigations and audits required a legal team to respond successfully. The investigations were conducted by the Franchise Tax Board of California, the Physical Therapy Board (PTB), the Department of Consumer Affairs (DOC) and California’s Educational Development Department (EDD). It appears that this was only one of the latest in a series of turf battles across the USA in what is known as “a war” between traditional western medicine and complimentary and alternative health approaches to health. In Slape’s case, the state appeared to perceive overlapping scopes of practice using exercise machines with clientele were violations of the Physical Therapy Practice Act.



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