Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Vote NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO.

1A, 1B, 1C, 1D, 1E and 1F
What do all these measures have in common? They ALL allow the runaway legislators to Keep Spending. SAY NO! No more spending. Live within our means. Fire every single legislator who doesn't get it... including Schwarzenegger.
Local Election Results 2009 (8:28, 13% in)
1A No - 63%
1B No - 60%
1C No - 61%
1D No - 62%
1E No - 62%
1F Yes - 75% 77/23 at 9:06 (17% in) 1F is winning at 82% in SF

◼ Ace of Spades California Props Scoresheet Open Thread

Prop 1A is nothing more than a massive tax increase masked as a phony spending limit and allows then to KEEP spending.
Prop 1B is an attempt to modify some of the terms of California Proposition 98 (1998) in order to free up money, won't go into effect unless 1A passes, but allows them to keep spending.
Prop 1C allows the state to borrow $5 billion against future lottery sales, enabling the state to continue unsustainable spending and avoid needed reforms.
Prop 1D allows the state to modify the terms of Proposition 10 (1998 tobacco tax hike earmarked for children's health care) and KEEP SPENDING!
Prop 1E allows the state to divert $230 million a year from Proposition 63 (surtax on the wealthy approved in 2004 to fund mental health programs) to offset general fund obligations... another one that takes propositions that set aside funds for certain things that VOTERS APPROVED, and steals it to keep funding their irresponsible spending.
Prop 1F prevents pay increases for elected officials during budget deficit years. While this may sound good on its face, this proposition has no teeth and is all for show.

If you just hafta vote YES on something, do it on 1F because that will help send a message
Here's The Americans for Tax Reform recommendations: ◼ ATR Analysis of California's May 19th Special Election

Dan Walters: Big costs loom for state beyond deficit h/t: Fred
Dan Weintraub: Picture this state's fiscal reckoning, because it's close h/t: Fred
Californians on the left and the right have told me they think the state's finances have to crash and burn before lawmakers and the governor will come to their senses and finally fix the problem.


  1. Thanks for the reminder to drop my mail ballot off this morning.

    Mike Harvey

  2. Hey Rose, you finally did well in an election! Too bad the democrats basically agreed with you.


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