Thursday, May 28, 2009

Another pot bust

Suspect from alleged Dinsmore grow caught in Eureka
EUREKA -- Humboldt County Drug Task Force agents Wednesday morning arrested 28-year-old Joseph Milch on felony drug and weapons charges, having sought the suspect for more than a month after he allegedly fled from authorities on a Dinsmore pot farm.
According to DTF Agent Jack Nelsen, on Wednesday morning, authorities traveled to a Myrtletown residence near 18th Street and Nedra Avenue to interview a subject who they suspected may know Milch's whereabouts.
When the agents arrived at the house, Nelsen said they found a parked vehicle they knew belonged to Milch.
Agents waited at the residence, Nelsen said, and eventually Milch was seen leaving the home and driving toward Henderson Center. Milch was stopped by police officers and arrested, Nelsen said.
Humboldt County jail staff reported Milch was booked at 10:40 a.m. for felony charges related to cultivation of marijuana, possession of marijuana and possession of a deadly weapon.
The two residents of the Myrtletown home where Milch was found were detained for questioning, but have not been arrested. Their names were not released.
Milch had been sought by authorities since April 8, when DTF agents raided a remote parcel of land in Dinsmore, where they reportedly found around 700 marijuana plants, loaded weapons including an assault rifle, an assortment of bullet-proof apparel, thousands of rounds of ammunition and spilled diesel fuel and oil.

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  1. what about the semi covert suppliers of diesel fuel?

    it's kind of ironic that the marijuana growers get the lower price diesel as if they were a legit enterprise.


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