Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Paul Gallegos' legacy

There nothing else to say but that this is the DIRECT result of putting an activist DA in office. Gallegos' 99 plant defacto legalization of POT in Humboldt County has led us to this.

EPD searches for home invasion suspects - Times-Standard Thadeus Greenson
Police officers scoured sections of Eureka Tuesday afternoon, looking for a potentially armed suspect after another (armed) marijuana-related home invasion robbery.

According to a Eureka Police Department press release, Conte Leshan Watson, 30, of Eureka, and another suspect -- described as a 25- to 30-year-old, 6-foot, 2-inch black male -- allegedly held two victims at gunpoint in an M Street home before making off with a pound of marijuana and an undisclosed amount of cash. Scanner traffic indicated the two suspects fled the scene in a green Ford Bronco, which was later recovered near Washington and A streets.

According to scanner traffic, the victims reported that the suspects brandished a 9 mm or .22-caliber pistol during the robbery, and took one victim's cell phone, as well as the marijuana and cash.

The victims knew the two suspects, according to the press release, and had shared medical marijuana with them in the past.

”This time,” the press release states, “the suspects placed the victims in a prone position at gunpoint and stole cash and approximately one pound of marijuana.”

EPD Chief Garr Nielsen said the robbery victims also allegedly had marijuana growing on the premises....

...Nielsen said Tuesday's incident appears to be just the latest in a growing trend of marijuana-related robberies.

”We certainly have seen an increase, and it's very concerning,” Nielsen said. “We are seeing an increase of home invasions, and that's often times the result of grow houses, and people who are growing far in excess of what's permitted under 215.”

Because of the illicit nature of marijuana grows and sales, Nielsen said it is difficult for his officers to take measures to help prevent these types of robberies. But, Nielsen said, getting a handle on grow houses would go a long ways toward reducing the number of such incidences.

To that end, Nielsen said he'd like to see Humboldt County adopt the stricter medical marijuana guidelines of the state attorney general. Currently, Humboldt County allows 215 patients to grow either in a 99-square-foot space or 99 plants -- much more lenient rules than the state guidelines, which allow 12 immature plants or six mature plants.

... I have yet to see a home invasion robbery where the victim was complying with the attorney general's guidelines.”...


  1. that's funny the NCJ says it is because of prohibition, not a laissez-faire attitude by law enforcement.

  2. Gallegos has run this beautiful place into the shitter. What a great job and we pay him over 150k a year for this bullshit.

  3. The war on drugs was brought on by Paul?Really?The image you see above is a product of prohibition,much more than prop 215.

  4. mark - put down the bong. This can't simply be dismissed as a product on the "war on drugs" prohibition on pot. It has everything to do with GAGs coming into office from shitloads of pot money to make this county's defacto legalization of pot to supply the rest of the country with pot. Which has brough every idiot, mexican cartel, criminal, tax evading, water and earth polluting pigs to exploit our resources and further depress the legal economy of this county. MJ will not be legal probably ever. If it is so be it, but right now it is not and we are living in hell because of it.

    Live in the moment man and not in the future. You are living in LALA land by simply saying, "oh well it should be legal and this would all go away." WHAT THE HELL DO YOU SUGGEST WE ALL DO DURING THE TIME IT IS NOT LEGAL. JUST LIVE WITH THIS CRAP?

    Thank you Paul Gallegos and all of you freaking lazy ass pot growers who just want free and easy money. The rest of us hard working blokes think you stink and hope you get your sorry asses locked up by the feds.


    Actually, yes. You live with all sorts of crime from drunken drivers to rapists to burglars and scam artists.

    The idea that the DA is responsible for 215 grows, which were born at the state level is about as absurd as claiming Nancy Pelosi is responsible for the torture regime of Bush and Cheney.

    Prohibition is directly responsible for these recurring marijuana robberies just as prohibition of alcohol gave us the gangsters of the 20s and 30s. I know that makes sense, so it's foreign to the likes of you and Rose who believe that because a law is on the books it makes sense, is justified or worth prosecuting.

    Of course, the next time a drunken driver kills three innocents I'm sure you folls will be back on your soapbox claiming how the DA killed those people just because, well, just because he's the DA.

  6. I think it is fair to say that PVG is a symptom, he is not the disease. He was elected (two or three times depending on how you score) because Humboldt depends absolutely on cash from weed. Humboldt is in an enviable position because the herb brings in a lot of cash from out of county, which is then spent in-county. How many businesses in Humboldt would fail if not for the weed money? How many businesses are only open to launder dope money? The problem is that however "progressive" PVG has been on mj grows, he is in way, way over his head on anything else.

  7. And someone said that there was no smearpaul blog.

  8. In other words, he's real good at letting criminals go.

    Because even if you give 'em a pass on the POT, growing, selling, dealing, pushing, they are still guilty of tax evasion, failure to pay business fees, failure to pay employee withholding, etc, etc, etc.

    He just chooses which laws he likes and which ones he wants to enforce. And who he wants to prosecute, and who he doesn't. The LAW does not matter to him.

    Therefore he is fundamentally not qualified to BE a DA.

    And all that song and dance about asset forfeiture and going after white color crime is just so much Gallegos BS - because tax evasion is white collar crime.

    Quit trying to spin the fairytale, mresquan.

    And, yes, the DA is responsible - he de facto legalized it here, everyone knows it, they come in here from all over the US to be set up in growhouses to make the easy money. It's no secret.

    Stop the sham.

  9. You tell him Rose. No amount of excuses from Konkler can excuse Gag's incompetence and inattention.

    Paul could (and did) brag in 04 and 06 about how crime rates were down. This clearly ain't the case now, with so many murders and violent crimes in the last three years, whether due to drugs or otherwise.

    Cobb's sinking political machine doesn't have a prayer in this race..

  10. "Because even if you give him a pass on POT growing, selling, dealing, pushing, they are still guilty of tax evasion, failure to pay business fees, failure to pay employee withholding, etc, etc, etc."

    You rave.

    It is not against the law to grow medical marijuana and sell it under state guidelines. Selling and dealing pot for other purposes is against the law. What business fees are you talking about? Legitimate growers pay business costs/fees/taxes or they wouldn't be in business. One does not pay employee withholding on contract labor.

    Rose, you are fundamentally unqualified to judge Paul Gallegos, but you are a good candidate for a 215 card or a prefrontal lobotomy.

  11. Hold on. Our infamous DA said he would not prosecute anyone found with 100 plants (esentially saying it is legal to grow 100 plants). The law passed by he voters of this state says a person can grow enough for their own use....Hummm 100 plants verses the number of plants grown for ones own use....Hummm...Is something amiss? I have people telling me every day that it is legal to grow pot in Humboldt County. I know people who do not smoke the junk and do not have a sick bone in their body BUT they grow every year and make about $15 to $30K a year. These are decent people who once would have told me they would never even consider doing this.
    If you really are insane enough to believe that PG is not only directly but totally to blame for this then I have a great bridge in the bay area that I would like to sell to you. Stupidly breads stupidly!

  12. "Because even if you give him a pass on POT growing, selling, dealing, pushing, they are still guilty of tax evasion, failure to pay business fees, failure to pay employee withholding."

    When your limbic brain gets this agitated and your thoughts become irrational it is better to seek treatment than to blog, especially if blogging in this state of high emotion has a multiplying effect that drives you towards greater instability.

  13. Is that gross or net income?

  14. "Stupidly breads stupidly!"


  15. Your right 9:27pm. All those things certainly apply to these upright criminals in our society.
    A decent tax paying law abiding citizen who has always contributed to our society has now become a criminal. Do they see themselves that way? No. According to them PG made it legal and so they are doing what they have to do to put bread on their table. It is so easy to the card, that most of them have two or three!

    Lets gret straight to root of the problem, shall we?

    If you have cancer you should surgically remove it or kill it with rat poison. Either one works for me.

  16. Rat poison?

  17. Do your friends think you strange, D.? Your ideas are a little creepy.

  18. Other counties have similar limits on so-called medicinal marijuana; most counties in California have essentially given up on enforcing cultivation and sales statutes with regard to the demon weed. And many counties have home-invasion robberies similar to the one here, for the same motivation. But do they happen as frequently? For a fairly small (population) county, there seems to be a lot of violence in the news there. That is where PVG comes into the equation.

  19. Well said Red!

  20. But you must admit, he's certainly well dressed for a guy pointing an AR-15!

    As for 5/20 9:27 PM, your reference to the "limbic brain" does not reflect intelligence on your part, it only shows that you have watched YouTube clips of that disgusting bitch Garofalo.

  21. And we can blame all of the violence in Mexico and along the border on Gallegos as well.Red,you ought to read up on what prohibition is doing to border towns,then make your comparison.

  22. Prohibition is doing it? Bullshit. Vicious criminals are doing it. Flat out.

  23. Mark, you sound like a seven year old having a tantrum. Stop it.

    I blame the crap occurring in humboldt regarding dope and crime on Gallegos because he is an incompetent idiot who just likes to get into the spotlight instead of doing his job. When he is quoted in the paper, it is obvious that its all bullshit that doesn't even make much sense. But, it sounds good if the listener doesn't know much and simply writes it down and puts it in a story.

  24. Hey, 8:15 pm, I just noticed, you are equating smoking marijuana with getting a lobotomy. That is consistent with my experience too.

  25. Well, Red, try cutting back on your consumption. People abuse prescription drugs everyday. It is not regulated for nothing you know.

  26. Oh, 9:21 you're just upset because she said Billo had felated your brain. But of coarse she was right, sadly, Bill O'reily is a dementor.

  27. Hey I am not 9:21 but will weigh in here...

    Garafalo is a close minded,trash mouthed bad actress. Listening to what she said made me shake my head and really pity her. She must live a really miserable life to be so hateful.

  28. Someone might check Mr. Watson's past contacts with the DA's office and court system!!

    Mr. Watson could be considered by some as a "professional". This one is not going away because of the shooting. Mr Watson is rumored to have done this sort of thing several times in the past in Arcata.

    The weed growers bought the 215 guidelines by presurring and supporting $$$$$$$$ the BOS.

  29. Mark probably thinks Nancy P. is just an honest hard working politician with good intentions!!!!


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