Friday, May 15, 2009

Good point

Time to clean houseToday's T-S (May 7) posted an article stating that Arnold may suspend Proposition 1A (from 2004). Wonderful. If he can do that then the current Proposition 1A and its “rainy day fund” could suffer the same fate if passed! Remember that these latest propositions we are to vote on were proposed by the very folks responsible for our current financial crisis! We need to start house cleaning in Sacramento! John Arata


  1. The recall petitions should be filed the day after this election flop on the 19th.

    Who wants to meet me at Hum Co elections at 1 pm on May 20 to recall Chesbro?

  2. For real? 'Bout time - it's politicians like Chesbro and Berg who have brought us to the brink of disaster. Pissing away the taxpayers money, raiding the counties' coffers, spending like drunken sailors, meeting in Democratic caucus plotting against the other side of the aisle rather than acting on behalf of the people, rather than looking ahead and preventing this mess.

    The blame needs to be laid at the feet of the people who have cause the problem. They like to use words like "hold accountable."

    Legislator's chickens, coming home - to roost.

    Is anything being done to stop Obama's dictatorial actions? Withholding his shitty stimulus funds if his SEIU/ACORN stormtrooper/donors' demands aren't met?

  3. John is a great guy and always is right to the point in his well thought out comments.

  4. Chesbro was at Costco yesterday chatting it up. Probably in town to try to get out the vote on the loser propositions.

  5. I don't think it's accurate to say Chesbro or Berg are to blame for the state's fiscal crisis.

    When Chesbro was seated in the Assembly a few months ago, the governor was already warning of a budget deficit. He had been out of office for two years prior to that.

    When he chaired the Senate Budget Committee, the budgets were not nearly as late as they have been in the two years following his tenure.

    The huge, gaping deficit we are facing now is the result of a severe economic recession.

    The inability to deal with it in Sacramento is the result of lack of leadership from the Governor, who has no allies on either side of the aisle at the Capitol, extreme partisanship engendered by term limits that are too short and the crippling effect that the two-thirds rule has on the ability of the Legislature to make decisions.

    California is the ONLY state that has a double two-thirds requriement: two-thirds to pass a budget, two-thirds to raise taxes. This is one big reason why California has become practically ungovernable.

  6. BULL-SHIT,bull-shit,bull-shit! The Cheese was a tax and spend jerk as chairman and helped set up the PC mockery that is Ca politic with all the little perks that go along wit it. A 117 thousand dollar suck ass appointment to a do nothing but harm special committee. The only requirement for the job, sucking party line ass. That little bit of payola graft was designed to keep him in the public eye for his current hog sloping. If dumb shits like you and cheeseball get your destructive vision of removing the two-thirds requirement, the tax and spend nut jobs will put the final nail in Ca. coffin. You jack asses have run business out of the state now you want to run the property owners out. what a bunch of progressive fools .

  7. Any he's a closet case to boot, just like his mentor Mike Thompson.


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