Monday, May 11, 2009

New Coroner Dave Parris

Coroner's list include familiar names
Supes name new coroner: David Parris

Congratulations, Dave! Humboldt County is lucky to have you.

Things you don't know...:


  1. I was pleasantly surprised that Chief Parris was selected. I know Dave very well and he will do a great job. I was most surprised that the BOS, especially Komrade Lovelace, chose Parris, what with his EPD background and all.

  2. As is often the case, we are fortunate to have good candidates to choose from, and it is sad that only one can be selected. There was at least one real flake in the mix, but both Parris and Losey were good candidates.

    In case you didn't click on the link - something most people don't know - Dave Parris was one of the "movers and shakers" who brought innovative new programs to Humboldt County. Programs like SART, the Sexual Assault Response Team, and CAST, the Child Abuse Services Team. Both resulted in a far more compassionate treatment of the victims of horrible crimes.

    This was an excellent choice.

  3. The politics of the selection are interesting. If I recall correctly Dave was the chairman of Worth Dikeman's campaign against PG. Mike Losey was also involved in Worth's campaign and was heavily involved in Clif's campaign making for tough choices for Bonnie, who supported Worth and Clif, and Jill, who supported Johanna. Anyway both were good candidates and Dave will do a good job.

  4. Well, since every single law enforcement agency up here was in favor of Worth Dikeman over Gallegos, that's not too tough a call.

  5. There are no tough choices for Bon-Bon, she swings which ever way the wind blows.


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