Tuesday, December 01, 2015

11 days. 4 weeks. 3 years. And now...

Predictions? Guilty on all counts?

Warren Trial, Day 11: Both the Prosecution and Defense Rest - Ryan Burns/Lost Coast Outpost 11/30/15
Jason Anthony Warren’s defense attorney, Glenn Brown with the county’s Alternate Counsel office, made no opening statement, called only two witnesses to the stand and took less than three hours to mount a rather feeble defense of his client, who stands charged with two counts of murder, one with special allegations of torture and lying in wait, and two counts of attempted murder....

And so, nearly four weeks after the trial began and more than three years since the crimes were committed, it was the defense attorney’s turn to argue his side...
Defense rests in Warren case, closing arguments Dec 2, deliberations to start same day - John Chiv/Words Worth 11/30/15
Jury will be back for instructions, closing arguments Wednesday, December 2 and is expected to start deliberations the same day.
"No, we are talking about the difference between negligence and intentional" - John Chiv/Words Worth 11/30/15
Using google maps, Walker's (the defense's main witness) own words and reports, Mr. Sequeira got the jury's attention and was able to completely unravel Walker's theory and report.
Jason Warren's juvenile record where he admitted to stabbing and assault put on record, defense traffic collision expert testifies - John Chiv/Words Worth 11/30/15
This morning the People read into record exhibits that will be admitted into evidence this morning about Jason Warren's juvenile record in 2001 where he admitted to attempted murder of a taxi cab driver, Cid Miller, and another admission of assault on a man, Fred Her, riding a bicycle. Both men testified for the People earlier in the trial.

Special Prosecutor Paul Sequeira, well done, sir.


◼ Previously: KNOWING Warren's history, Paul Gallegos let him out on a Cruz waiver.
Gruesome. No other word for it.
Jason Warren's juvenile record to be offerred in jury trial for limited purpose regarding his mental state
The Jason Warren Trial - at long last
Warren Dodges again.
At long last...
Warren case was called on in an open courtroom, Judge Marilyn Miles has been assigned the case UPDATED
Warren trial set for September 14
It seems the DA's Office has not learned its lesson re: Cruz waivers
Gallegos IS seeking the death penalty against Jason Anthony Warren
Paul Gallegos gets continuance in defense request to dismiss Warren case
Warren held to answer on pair of murder charges
CHP to DA: Jogger’s Death Was Murder
A History of Violence, and a history of plea deals that should sicken you


  1. He will be found guilty on everything. Overwhelming effort and resources put in on this one by the HCDA. It deserved it. This man was a monster who should never have been let out by Gallegos and Cissna.


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