Friday, September 18, 2015

At long last...

Gallegos let him out on a Cruz Waiver, to 'get his affairs in order. That decision cost two people their lives.

Agony for the families: ◼ Family members of the victims in the Jason Warren request Judicial Council action after they learn no Judge has been assigned and there may be another postponement - John Chiv/Words Worth Aug 22, 2015
...The letter signed by Hank Seemann, Jessie Hunt and Terri-Vroman-Little dated August 21, 2015 was sent to Humboldt County Superior Court Interim CEO Mike Tozzi, DA Maggie Fleming, Holly Hensher, from Victim Witness, and two Judicial Council officers, Tani Cantil-Sakauye and Martin Hoshino.

It refers to the Jason Warren case and the current scheduled trial date of September 14, in the letter they state that "we understand that a Judge has not been assigned for this case and there is substantial risk for postponement of the trial until 2016 due to lack of an unavailable judge in Humboldt County."

They ask that all possible options be explored with the Judicial Council to secure an available judge from a neighboring county or a travelling judge.

They talk about the fact that the case has had numerous delays and the impact it has had on their families. The three year anniversary is coming up....
◼ At long last: Jason Warren trial has a Judge and jury panel to start Sept 29 - John Chiv/Words Worth Sep 17, 2015
...Mr. Paul Sequeira, Assistant DA from Mendocino County appeared with District Attorney Maggie Fleming. He is trying the case.

Trial estimate 8 to 10 weeks. Trial schedule to be decided. It maybe full days or the typical Humboldt schedule of 8:30 to noon with a couple of afternoons....
Jason Warren Asks to Leave Courtroom; Jury Selection For Murder Trial Set to Begin Sept. 29 - Ryan Burns/Lost Coast Outpost

The man accused of murdering a Hoopa woman and running down three joggers, killing one, asked to be excused from court, "If it's something I don't have to be here for."

Nearly three years after he allegedly murdered a Hoopa woman, stole her vehicle and ran down three joggers, killing one, Jason Anthony Warren asked to leave the courtroom where a judge and three attorneys were set to discuss his upcoming trial, and victims of his alleged crimes sat patiently, hoping for justice....

Attorneys discuss Warren case scheduling concerns - Will Houston, Eureka Times-Standard
...Warren, who will turn 31 on Sunday, is accused of the murder of Dorothy Ulrich in her Hoopa home during the pre-dawn hours of Sept. 27, 2012. He is then alleged to have stolen Ulrich’s car and, after reaching Arcata about 90 minutes later, intentionally hitting three runners and a dog who were together on Old Arcata Road. Humboldt State University geography lecturer Suzanne Seemann was killed by the impact.

Warren is also charged with Seemann’s murder as well of the attempted murders of the other two runners — Jessica Hunt and Terri Vroman-Little — who were seriously injured in the incident. Hunt’s dog was killed....
Jason Warren pretrial hearing continued due to court oopsie moment - John Chiv/Words Worth Sep 16, 2015

Warren pretrial hearing continued to Thursday - Times-Standard Sep 16, 2015
Judge unable to accept Warren murder case assignment - Times-Standard
Warren case reassigned to new judge; trial pushed to Sept. 28 - Times-Standard
Judge Marilyn Miles assigned to Warren murder case - Times-Standard
Letter: Waiting for justice in Warren’s murder trial - Times-Standard

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  1. Paul Gallegos is an unindicted co-conspirator. That this man will be our next Judge frightens the hell out of me. How many more people will he kill?


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