Wednesday, September 09, 2015

DA Taps Outside Prosecutor for Warren Double Murder Trial

The Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office is bringing in a special prosecutor to try the double-murder case of Jason Anthony Warren. - THADEUS GREENSON/NCJ
“Yes, we have an arrangement with Humboldt County to provide an experienced prosecutor — our most experienced prosecutor — to handle this case,” Geniella said, identifying the prosecutor as Mendocino County Assistant District Attorney Paul Sequeira. who will come to Humboldt with an accomplished resume, though one specked with controversy....

Because Fleming declined to comment even generally on the move, citing the gag order in the Warren case, it’s unclear why she’s made the decision to bring Sequeira in to handle the case. But on the campaign trail before taking office in January, Fleming spoke openly about what she perceived as a lack of prosecutorial experience in the office. The office also is — and long has been — facing a backlog of time-consuming homicide cases.
(You finally seeing that, Thad? Wow.)

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