Tuesday, September 01, 2015

"Progressive" City Council Members find out what happens when you don't do what you're told with updates

OMG, you get called 'conservative.'
Here’s an action alert from Redwood Progressive and AHHA:

And what is "Redwood Progressive"?

You remember:

From: Redwood Progressive rs@richardsalzman.com
To: Redwood Progressive Subscriber
Subject: XXXXXX
Reply-To: " Redwood Progressive " rs@richardsalzman.com

""Redwood Progressive." That is one of Salzman's groups/listserves. AEB (Alliance For Ethical Business). Ourhumboldt.org, Redwood Progressive, Citizens for Real Economic Growth, SaveEurekaWaterfront.org, Behind the Redwood Curtain, and more. Like boiler room scammers. Orwellian names, really, for example, do you really think Citizens For REAL Economic Growth was ever about economic growth? No. It's always about destroying his target."

So, who is Tuluwat?

Rallies and Protests at Eureka City Hall, County Courthouse This Afternoon - Hank Sims/Lost Coast Outpost
Eureka Municipal Code to be discussed tomorrow night, is it legally enforceable? - John Chiv/Words Worth

After Hours of Debate, Eureka City Council Tables Controversial Ordinance Until January - John Ross Ferr/Lost Coast Outpost

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  1. Hey, at least they give you something to talk/blog about right? What else would you do during your day, stare at the clouds?


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