Friday, January 23, 2015

Graphic testimony in Colby case UPDATE: NOT GUILTY of all charges

"People act differently behind closed doors" DDA Brownfield delivers powerful closing against Colby accused of attempted forciple rape and molestation of Jane and John Doe, his foster children - John Chiv/Words Worth
James Colby, a Fortuna resident is charged with Count 1-5: Intent to Commit Forcible Rape, Count 2 Assault/Intent oral copulation with person under age of 18, Count 7 Attempt Forcible Rape and Counts 15 and 16 Lewd/Lasvicious Act with a child under the age of 14.

The alleged victims were his foster children, a young boy 11 years old at the time and his sister, under the age of 18.

According to Colby who testified himself, this is retaliation by Jane Doe because she was upset with his rules. No media has followed this case or was there for closing.
James Colby allegedly told his son he was demonstrating what would have happened if Jane Doe was alone with a boy. "But she wasn't alone with a boy, she was with her father." - John Chiv/Words Worth

Graphic testimony in Colby case outlines alleged abuse suffered by Jane and John Doe - John Chiv/Words Worth

◼ Earlier: Closing arguments for James Colby, suspect originally accused of oral copulation with minor, to take place tomorrow morning - John Chiv/Words Worth

Seems like things have already improved at the DA's Office.

◼ UPDATE: Jury finds James Colby Jr not guilty on all counts of alleged attempted rape and child molestation - John Chiv/Words Worth

James Colby Jr was acquitted of all charges against him a minute ago by a jury consisting of three women and eight men.

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  1. Well the end result was still the same. Not Guilty. Brownfield is one of Paulie's hires. Word is, he is not meshing with the new team. Losing a molest case (which is really hard to do because some Jurors will always think a Molester is guilty) is not a good indicator of future performance. Oh well. Also this is the same attorney who is defending Bullock (a vastly different case) but Kaleb is far more effective in the Courts then most people realize. They better be careful. But again Bullock isn't this guy. And Andrew Isaac is definitely not Luke Brownfield.


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