Monday, January 26, 2015

A busy Monday...

Jury finds James Colby Jr not guilty on all counts of alleged attempted rape and child molestation - John Chiv/Words Worth

James Colby Jr was acquitted of all charges against him a minute ago by a jury consisting of three women and eight men.

Fieldbrook double murder case dates confirmed, didcovery outstanding, defense msy continue once discovery received - John Chiv/Words Worth

Court subpoenas reluctant witnesses in Arcata chef stabbing case - John Chiv/Words Worth

This afternoon, there was a pre trial hearing scheduled for Jason Arreaga, the suspect in the double murders that took place in Fieldbrook.

This afternoon there was a pretrial hearing nd a motion to compel attendance of necessary witnesses requested by the defense. The suspect Juan Ferrer is being represented by Marek Reavis from the Conflict Counsel's office. The case was being prosecuted previously by former DA Paul Gallegos.

Laggard witnesses turn up in Arcata chef murder case - Paul Mann/Mad River Union

Three reluctant defense witnesses in the 2013 Arcata chef murder case appeared voluntarily in Humboldt County Superior Court Jan. 26 and affirmed they would return to testify when the trial of suspect Juan Joseph Ferrer begins, probably in April.

At a hearing before Judge Arvid Johnson today, Jan. 26, the three Arcata residents, Sarah Brody, Virginia Jimenez and Cher Southard, agreed to appear initially for jury selection to familiarize themselves with the legal arguments in the prosecution of Ferrer, 36. He is charged with murder in the fatal street-side slaying of Abruzzi chef Douglas Anderson-Jordet, 50, on Nov. 25, 2013. KEEP READING


I'd note that anyone who has covered the Colby case should be sure to prominently update all posts and articles with the updated news, that he was found Not Guilty on all counts.

Jury in Fieldbrook double homicide case second trial finds Arreaga not guilty on both counts - John Chiv/Words Worth 2/25/2016

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