Wednesday, January 07, 2015

EPIC struck again

It's never good.

Year old EPIC lawsuit will prevent local hatchery from spawning fishes - John Chiv/Words Worth

People are upset - developing


  1. I wonder if they will bring in that hotshot new private lawyer Paul Gallegos to handle the case. That would be a good thing, because he would "epicly" lose it. His last campaign manager runs that outfit, so it would be a natural. Let's see Paul Gallegos in the Courts again, showing he is a "special kind of stupid, isn't he!"

  2. I dont have any idea what John Chiv is talking about. Smelt?

  3. Is this Rose's blog or John's blog? Hard to tell the difference these days.

    1. Two comments in a row attacking. The radical left and their master Dickie get very upset at the truth.

    2. Not to burst the Bagger bubble, but John just posted this update


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