Friday, January 09, 2015


Vincent Sanchez sentenced 40 years to life as stipulated - John Chiv/Words Worth
Vincent Sanchez Sentenced to 40 Years to Life For Last Year’s Eureka Double Murder - Andrew Goff/LoCO
Sanchez was detained back in March at the scene of a double homicide in Eureka. The victims, Sanchez’s half brother 25-year-old Lance Henry and 60-year-old Rick Storre, both died of gunshot wounds to the head.

Sanchez plead guilty to the crime in December.
Sanchez given 40 years to life for Eureka double murder - Times-Standard
Vincent Sanchez held to answer on all charges, before murder smoked bowls of marijuana - John Chiv/Words Worth Aug 13, 2014
His brother preaching to him about Mormonism and gay sex between his brother and Rick Storre bothered Sanchez - John Chiv/Words Worth Aug 13, 2014
Vincent Sanchez confessed and provided description of gun he used to Det. Harpham - John Chiv/Words Worth Aug 13, 2014
Vincent Sanchez preliminary continued at request of DA; new date Aug 13 - John Chiv/Words Worth Jul 21, 2014
Double murder suspect Vincent Sanchez got his wish, or did he? - John Chiv/Words Worth Jul 9, 2014
"I don't want to wait 6 weeks", Vincent Sanchez disposition continued after he argues with his attorney in court - John Chiv/Words Worth Jul 2, 2014
Vincent Sanchez's record requested from Metropolitan State Hospital - John Chiv/Words Worth Jul 2, 2014
Harris double murder suspect Vincent Sanchez court hearing today - John Chiv/Words Worth May 5, 2014
Double murder suspect allegedly gave confession to police, but allegedly also has no recollection of what he did - John Chiv/Words Worth Apr 1, 2014
Vincent Sanchez arrested in double murder homicide on Harris - John Chiv/Words Worth Mar 27, 2014
EPD: Suspect in Last Night’s Double Homicide in Custody - Hank Sims/Lost Coast Outpost Mar 27, 2014
Homicide in Eureka Home; Caller Tells Police of ‘Large Amount of Blood’ - Hank Sims/Lost Coast Outpost Mar 26, 2014
Eureka Car-Kicking Spree Ends When Suspect Kicks Police Car - Hank Sims/Lost Coast Outpost Feb 11, 2013
Suspected burglar found with sword, hatchet - Sean Garmire/The Times-Standard Jan 14/2009


  1. So, is this blog finished, or will it change it's name? Or will it follow Paul's private legal career?

    1. What does Paul have to do with this post Eric? Paul is the gift that keeps giving, like a STD. If we are lucky, he will mess up EPIC or BayKeeper or some grower's case that funded his campaign. The mess he left after 12 years will take a long time to clean up.

    2. Hi, Eric. Not entirely sure about the future of the blog, We'll see, there's certainly plenty to discuss in local politics. I've let it be pretty quiet for a while, but we'll see. No plans to shut it down right now. Maybe leave it up till the book comes out. Not gonna change the name, but no, definitely NOT GOING TO FOLLOW PAUL IN HIS PRIVATE CAREER. What he does in his private life and private practice is entirely his business, and does not affect the public trust. I wish him a long and happy, and successful, private career.

  2. Cheers for consistency. Seems like Watchpaul has always been about keeping an eye on that office and keeping people to account. Paul needed a LOT of keeping. Hopefully the new DA doesn't, but a watchful eye is healthy for everyone, including Fleming.

    1. Hear Hear 7:22 speaks the truth.

  3. Rose said: "I wish him a long and happy, and successful, private career."

    Thanks for the morning laugh


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