Monday, August 11, 2014

Motion to sever in Ferrer granted, Gallegos does not show up, hangs DDA Curtis out to dry

Defense attorneys are still awaiting discovery and District Attorney Paul Gallegos who opposed the motion to sever already had the case continued once and today did not even show up for Court. Instead he had DDA Zach Curtis ask for another week with no reason, again. - John Chiv/Words Worth 8/11/14 2:31

The defense attorneys were frustrated and asked their motion to sever be granted. Judge Reinholtsen said he cannot rule if People have not responded.When Mr. Curtis was asked to comment he said it is not case and that if defense attorneys were going to criticize Mr. Gallegos, "it is more appropriate to have Mr. Gallegos here."

Mr. Reavis responded with, "I agree."

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