Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Closing arguments: Bodhi Tree Murder Trial, It's with the jury now

Only one alternate juror was left in Tree case and one just left courtroom in tears - John Chiv/Words Worth 8/6/14

Standing in the hallway for other cases, courtroom 4 has been closed three times for Tree case - John Chiv/Words Worth 8/6/14

"Bodhi Tree is a cold blooded killer who kills people he barely knows" - John Chiv/Words Worth 8/5/14
The defense made a big deal about motive in their closing. Ms. Firpo said motive was an issue in this case. "Bodhi Tree is a cold blooded killer who kills people he barely knows. Mr. Tree barely needs a motive to shoot people."

"He shot Rhett because Rhett didn't defend him. He shot two young people whose crime was that Christina didn't want to get with him and Sunshine defended Christina."
"Most of Humboldt County is dodgy about marijuana" Firpo counters defense closing - John Chiv/Words Worth 8/5/14
That is the one statement made by Mr. Russo this morning as the defense is still presenting it's closing on the Eureka case that was free of defense spin.

The defense is hoping the questions they raise in closing may sway the jury however they are relying that the jury may have complete amnesia. If you only rely on closing or have not followed the trial daily, you might buy the hogwash the defense is presenting....
Closing arguments over in Tree cade, case sent to jury - John Chiv/Words Worth 8/5/14
Defense in Tree case insults victim's families, friends, prosecution and witnesses - John Chiv/Words Worth 8/5/14
Sean Butler Smith fooled police, so did Charles Crow, and "put on a show for you" - John Chiv/Words Worth 8/5/14
"What we say is not evidence, we are trying to persuade you" - John Chiv/Words Worth 8/5/14

Note: Chiv often posts early details of court proceedings, and then fleshes the story out later in the day, so it is recommended that you check back, to catch the full post, and the full flavor of the proceedings...

Jury in Arcata double murder case enters deliberation - Times-Standard 8/5/14

After nearly three months, the jury in the Arcata double-murder case entered deliberations... Defendant Bodhi Tree has pleaded not guilty to two murder charges in the deaths of Eureka High School senior Christina Schwarz and 27-year-old Alan "Sunshine" Marcet at a home in Arcata in May 2013, and one charge of attempted murder in the Eureka shooting of Rhett August a few days prior. If convicted, Tree faces 50 years to life.


  1. The election is over! Why is John focusing on Elan Firpo and not the case at hand? The ENTIRE closing argument was about Elan Firpo? Come on! Give us some information that matters!!!!!

    I happen to be close to one of the victims families, so I get bits of info about the case. Johns reporting is always way off mark to what is actually happening in the courtroom.
    Having been around Humbolft forever, ive seen this before. John is being a political hack, trying to gain favor with the good old boy crowd in eureka. They run the show and its an understandable thing to do, but the butt kissing is sort of sick.

  2. Is that you JG?

  3. Anonymous you can claim anything. Do you sit and monitor what JC posts all day.

    Your life must suck if you need to cyberstalk.

    1. I KNEW one of the victims. My life sucks because I want to find out info about the case? Wow! How about my life sucks because i lost a friend?Think about that for a minute and get back to me.

    2. Then stop attacking people who get out information and call a friend who attended the trial.

      No one who knew the victim behaves like you. You have spent more time on this blog trash talking hen doing anything productive.

      Move on troll.

  4. I don't know who JG and JC are (and do not care), but this blog has become nothing but links to third-rate court "reporting" and weird people attacking each other. Not very useful.

    1. 8:59 a.m. some people can't handle criticism or truth.

      You need lessons in blogging because no one is buying your "story".


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