Tuesday, August 12, 2014

First witness testifies in preliminary hearing for Benjamin Carter who called LOCO instead of his defense attorney

Benjamin Carter's sister-in law, Margaret Bitter, was the first witness to testify for the People this morning in a preliminary hearing held in Courtroom 4. - JOHN CHIV/WORDS WORTH 8/12/14

The preliminary that started mid-morning may continue tomorrow. DDA Luke Brownfield is prosecuting the case with Detective Franco assigned as lead investigator. Michael Acosta represents Carter who was in court this morning in an orange jumpsuit.

Carter is the fugitive who called LOCO to tell his story while on the run from law enforcement...

Witness in Carter case appointed lawyer; defense has not had chance to question - JOHN CHIV/WORDS WORTH 8/12/14

How to work for the defense as a prosecution witness; starring Benjamin Carter's sister-in-law - JOHN CHIV/WORDS WORTH 8/12/14

This morning Margaret Bitter testified at the preliminary hearing for Benjamin Carter. There are two other posts and this one is just an excerpt of her testimony this morning.

Fortunately for her, the Judge appointed her a lawyer before she got deeper into her testimony....


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