Friday, August 08, 2014

BREAKING! Bodhi Tree Guilty 2nd degree murder Arcata and attempted murder in Eureka

◼ BREAKING NEWS: Bodhi Tree threw temper tantrum in court. This is bullshit. Saying I did something i didnt. - John Chiv/Words Worth (5:15) (linked here at 5:24)

Elan Firpo: Guilty: 2 counts of 2nd degree murder + special allegations. Guilty: 1 count of attempted murder.
To the witnesses and officers and criminalists: thank you thank you thank you.

Bodhi Tree to be sentenced on Aug. 22. - Times Standard - (5:41)


Bodhi Tree guilty of murder, attempted murder, firearm use - Mad River Union (6:15)
Tree could get 25 years each for the two murders plus 12 years for the attempted murder.

Tree’s use of a firearm in the murder could get him an extra 25 years for each special allegation, for a total of additional 50 years on top of the basic sentences.
Bodhi Tree Found Guilty of Second-Degree Murder Lost Coast Outpost (6:16)

Allan Dollison on Lost Coast OutpostOk here is some law. You are charged with Murder. A prosecutor has the option of asking for a conviction on 1st Degree or 2nd Degree from the Jury. That decision is made after you have evaluated all of the evidence. Convictability on 1st v 2nd does play a role. They can ask for a 1st Degree and if the jury can't make a finding on 1st then they have an option to convict of 2nd degree. Or the prosecutor can send to the Jury as only a 2nd. There is NO discretion by the court now on sentencing. Tree gets 15-L each on both 2nd degree, but the fire arms enhancement adds 25 additional years each, so those sentences are actually 40-L, or 80-L. He could get another 7-L for Rhett August. If affirmed on appeal (over 90% chance) then Bodhi Tree will die in prison. Parole process for murder is also all but impossible. It is 4-part, and over 98% fail the very first part. Good win for Élan Firpo and small solace for the families who lost their loved ones.

Bodhi Tree guilty of murder, attempted murder, firearm use - Mad River Union 8/8/14

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