Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Skilled Healthcare Verdict

Jury imposes maximum damages on Skilled Healthcare; nursing home chain faces upwards of $600 million for health code violations
...”This is a really strong statement to Skilled Healthcare that they have to follow the law,” said plaintiff's Attorney Michael Thamer, who delivered the closing arguments in the case and specializes in fighting corporate abuse. “They need to know that they are going to be held responsible....
Verdict: Skilled Healthcare faces more than $600 million in damages
Skilled Healthcare suit grinds forward in Eureka; defense calls economics professor to the stand
Injunction phase of Skilled Healthcare suit continues
Eureka facility administrator testifies in Skilled Healthcare suit; injunction phase of case set to continue next week
Closing arguments begin in Skilled Healthcare case
...The Humboldt County District Attorney's Office intervened in the lawsuit, and has been largely a bystander in the case from the start. District Attorney Paul Gallegos said that his office is planning to file an injunction against the defendant later this week that would order Skilled Healthcare to be in compliance with the law in the future.
Gallegos said the penalties, depending on how the court interprets them, could amount to up to $2,500 for each infraction. If you multiply this by the number of patients represented in the case, Skilled Healthcare is looking at a possible 1.4 million violations.
”It's been a long-term problem,” said Gallegos. “There is overwhelming evidence that the law has been broken."...

Arguments in Skilled Healthcare suit conclude; Humboldt County District Attorney to address case today
...District Attorney Paul Gallegos will be in court today when the injunction phase of the trial -- which does not involve the jury -- begins. The district attorney's office intervened in the case four years ago, assisting with collecting witnesses and sifting through evidence over the past few months.
Now Gallegos will make the state's case to prove to the court that Skilled Healthcare failed to provide adequate staffing. Gallegos said that he will present evidence, including video clips of witness testimony, with the goal of getting an injunction filed against Skilled Healthcare that could assess additional penalties and would order the company to make sure that staffing levels are compliant with the law....

Skilled Healthcare stock takes a nosedive; outlook for company grim after Humboldt County jury renders verdict
◼ Seniors protected from unscrupulous nursing facilities, thanks in great measure to the intervention of District Attorney Paul Gallegos - the headline on the Gallegos propaganda blog


  1. So what would Allison Jackson have done?

  2. My guess is prosecute guys that commit crimes which is the JOB of the DA. Especially with violent crime up 18 percent while its down 13 percent everywhere else and especially since the TS said he was basically just an observer at the trial.

  3. Funny because this lawsuit did NOT protect the seniors from anyone. Yeah the paper article may make it look that way, but really. If you really look at the case, it was not HOW the seniors were treated, but HOW long the seniors had the "hands-on care." By law, each person is to receive 3.2 hours of hands-on care per day. This by the way, did not include any therapy, which I would say is pretty "hands-on." In many cases brought up by this case, the "hands-on" care hours were short by seconds, not even minutes. And the exhorbitant amount the company was ordered pay? Most of that goes to the attorneys and the relatives NOT to the direct care of the residents. So, Paul just used this case to win the election. Paul, get a life and prosecute real criminals. You know child abusers, murderers, robbers, drug users.


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