Friday, July 23, 2010

Eureka man convicted of murder; Johnny Lewis faces 25-to-life for Fields Landing slaying

Eureka man convicted of murder; Johnny Lewis faces 25-to-life for Fields Landing slaying
A Humboldt County jury on Thursday convicted a 28-year-old Eureka man of first-degree murder for the November killing of Robert Van Alstine in Fields Landing, after just hours of deliberation.

Johnny Lindel Lewis, 28, of Eureka stabbed Van Alstine in the back in the early morning hours of Nov. 18, reportedly in a jealous rage, believing that Van Alstine had slept with his girlfriend. Lewis faces 25-years-to-life in prison after the conviction, and is due to return to Humboldt County Superior court for sentencing on Aug. 18.

Deputy District Attorney Maggie Fleming said Humboldt County sheriff's detectives built a strong case against Lewis, which made her job in the courtroom a lot easier.

”I really appreciated the jurors' willingness to serve, and obviously very much appreciated the work that (Sheriff's) Sgt. Wayne Hanson and the other detectives did on the case -- it was really impressive,” Flemming said....

Hanson said he didn't know how Lewis came to the belief that Van Alstine was sleeping with his girlfriend, but said it was simply untrue and that Van Alstine was the victim of a jealous misunderstanding.

”He didn't deserve to die that morning,” Hanson said. “Maggie Flemming did a great job in presenting this case to the jury. I sat in and watched her closing argument, and she just did an excellent job.”


  1. Good

    prison is where he belongs

  2. jefferyandmom8/12/2010 9:30 AM

    i am the girlfriend,and when i was contacted by the sheriff's dept. on 12/6/09,i was told by Deputy Franco "we are looking for a "POSSIBLE"motive.Maybe Johnny thought you had slept with this guy"?I did not know the victim nor did I sleep with him.I truely beleive Andrea"Kaos"Marr provoked Johnny and she gets to walk around free when she played a part in the loss of a life.Johnny never showed ANY violence around or twords me and our son Jeffery.And he loved us like no one has before.He helped people get clean and sober,he was ALWAYS giving of himself to others NO MATTER WHAT!!!!Addiction to drugs overcame him 6 months before this,and now two lives are lost because of it.Andrea is FREE to smoke dope,set people up and not give a damn about her actions.SOONER OR LATER...her actions will catch up with her.I pray EVERY TIME SHE HITS THAT PIPE,SHE WILL BE BACK IN FEILDS LANDING THAT NIGHT AND IT HAUNTS HER!!!!NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO PLAY CREATOR.....I love you Johnny,your wife MAGGIE and Jeffery...


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