Friday, July 02, 2010

Gallegos said the grand jury is “very politically motivated.”

Humboldt County Grand Jury looks at aging facilities, District Attorney's Office
Government agencies identified in a grand jury report must respond to the findings, and the Humboldt County District Attorney's Office is already planning a detailed response, said District Attorney Paul Gallegos in an e-mail.

”Rest assured, we do not agree with the findings,” Gallegos said in an e-mail.

There were four main findings that the grand jury reported within the district attorney's office. The first being the office failed to file for some grant reimbursements in fiscal year 2006-2007, and that other grant applications were not properly processed or submitted. The result was that some reimbursements were not received and were covered by the county's general fund.

The second finding stated that nepotism, or favoritism toward relatives of supervising personnel, was a problem in the district attorney's office, and that current county personnel rules were not sufficient to stop it.

”It is the grand jury's belief that the current county policy that nepotism only occurs when there exists a direct line of supervision is ineffective ...,” the report states. “Nepotism creates tension, provides an unnecessary source of resentment by staff and usually becomes a source of morale and retention issues.”

No specific circumstances are listed in the report, and calls to the grand jury's office were not returned by deadline.
The report also cites a lack of routine personnel evaluations, and that “poor office management practices and communication continue to plague” the office.

Gallegos did not respond specifically to any item in the report, leaving that for the written response. However, he said the grand jury is “very politically motivated.”

The grand jury recommended that the county office organize a grant-management program, review policies on nepotism, require that evaluations be performed on a set schedule, and that Gallegos “recognize the ongoing responsibility of his department” and abide by county policies.

“Very politically motivated.” Really? Now it is Gallegos who is in to conspiracy theories.


  1. This is yet another staggering example of lack of responsibility and accountability in the DA's office. If ANYONE is politically motivated, it's Gags.

  2. Well, Chris, you know very well that certain individuals did band together to get themselves onto the GJ panel. Nothing illegal about it, but it does call into question any claims of political neutrality.

  3. HORSESHIT. Every year people apply to the GJ. Most are retired. The neutrality comes from the sheer numbers of them approving or disapproving committee reports. Then you have the Judge's involvement and review of the reports and then county counsel's review and approval of reports.

  4. kunsoo: so working together to actually get something done in a short time frame goes against your grain, does it? What about the local Democratic Party's central committee? Are THEY not banded together? C'mon...pull your head out from where the sun does not shine and accept that most people are FED UP with the illusion that all things government around here are working...NOT. Most things government are as corrupt as the day is long and most of our elected officials are cash junkies.


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