Thursday, July 01, 2010

Final Numbers

Post Election Update - July 1, 2010 — Unofficial
KATHLEEN BRYSON........1,510.....4.38%
ALLISON JACKSON.......12,774...37.07%
PAUL V. GALLEGOS......13,800...40.05%
PAUL HAGEN.................6,331....18.37%

BREAKING NEWS: Sundberg to face Cleary in run-off
◼ TS - Ballot count finally complete: Runoff elections to be held for four local races
Election Results In
Final Election Results In
Final election results, finally


  1. Looks like a tough road for Jackson. She needs to pull liberal votes away from Gallegos, who is perceived as liberal. If most of those votes go to Gallegos he will win by a landslide.

  2. I dont know why everyone assumes that Paul Hagen's votes will go to Gallegos. During Hagen's campaign, he was a passionate critic of Gallegos. If he endorses Allison, I think many of his votes will swing her way. We are too used to thinking in terms of black and white, liberal and conservative. Arcata is this and Fortuna thinks that.

    This county is more complex than that and Allison appeals to more than just the right of centers. She has a sound legal mind, a huge heart for victims, and a very strong commitment to our community. If she didnt have all these qualities, she wouldnt be running. She also can manage people and run an office.

    I think that alot of the non-Gallegos votes are going to swing towards Allison in November.

  3. yeah, I am not getting the Allison is right wing thing - the only way I can interpret that is - she is competent, and he is not.

    That and anyone who criticizes Paul is "right wing."

    Go figure.

  4. Well, the slamming of plea bargainings and the calling for harsher sentences is generally considered part of a conservative agenda. If she has liberal social positions, it might behoove her to play them up a little bit.

    As for the votes breaking for Gallegos, the canvass summary will tell us a lot about where they came from. If, as I suspect, the bulk of Hagen's support came from Arcata, that's probably good news for Gallegos.


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