Monday, May 31, 2010

Truth comes out

Sock puppet Gallegos' Campaign Coordinator Richard Salzman strikes... do you believe it?

Political ‘Harassment’ Claim Refuted

Read the comments thread.


  1. Looks like we now know who called Chinn and worried her.

  2. Well according to Chinn nobody did.Or is Terrance McNally printing a lie?

  3. So Rose I have to ask,was it Salzman who revealed the info to Rex Bohn about Chinn receiving the harassing calls?Is that what you are getting at here?

  4. Mark many of us can add this up.

  5. So you are saying that it was Richard Salzman who made contact with Rex or someone from team Jackson and told them that Chinn had received the harassing phone calls.Got it.
    I sure hope that the Eye or the Times-Standard prints something about it.

  6. Hi, Mark Konkler. I don't know you. That original story and the follow up were both written by Daniel Mintz. Are you making shit up, or simply confused? It's Terrence with an E, as well. Cheers.

  7. Konkler, you have been around long enough and are political enough that playing dumb doesn't become you.

  8. I can't read his posts because of that constant paper cut of no space after periods. Where do people pick up these habits?

  9. Rose - are you implying that Ms. Chinn is lying to cover for Salzman harassing her? That's a pretty big claim. I know you don't like Salzman, but he's not all powerful and he doesn't possess mutant mind-control powers.

  10. No, Eric. How do you make that leap?

    Do you think that isn't Salzman on the Eye? Or all over the TS Topix threads? And any number of places. Please.

  11. "Kevin L. Hoover said...

    I can't read his posts because of that constant paper cut of no space after periods. Where do people pick up these habits?"

    I do it as some sort of identifying mark.
    Sorry Terrence,I made an honest mistake.

    Rose,I couldn't give a rats ass when and where Salzman is posting comments,so please answer Eric's question about your claim that Salzman harassed Betty Chinn.

  12. Well I guess that you've never actually made the claim outright,but your thread title here does imply that somehow Salzman was involved in the Chinn harassment story,so I am just trying to figure out what your post means.
    It implies that either Salzman revealed info to team Jackson that Chinn was harassed,or that Salzman himself was involved in the harassment that Chinn denies ever happened.
    I'm hoping that your implication was the first scenario,as I would find the second one to be far more dirty,not only because of the accusation directed at Richard,but also because of the belief that Betty Chinn has no backbone.Even though I am sure that she has no desire to be in any political spotlight,I find it hard to believe that she would be afraid to come forth about anything harassing said to her.

  13. You can read into it anything you want, Mark. Nuance and all though you seem to be deliberately avoiding that. I think a woman who has endured being forced to kneel on broken glass as a child has a different definition of things than you or I.

    The point here - the one you don't want to look at - is Richard has outed himself. All the behind the scenes nastiness, all the crap, all the lies, all the despicable character assassination, all the phony names and nics, all the different poseurs on all the blogs...

    Listen to me Richard, It’s time for both of us to go, Richard. Stop trying to smear a good woman in your quest to keep Paul Gallegos in office.

    There’s alot of talk of negative campaigning – often directed at anyone who points out his inadequacies. You skate. You need to stop.

    It’s time for this to end.

  14. Show or tell me how and where he outed himself.
    And since I guess I lack the intelligence to figure it out,how was he involved in the Betty Chinn story?
    I tried asking using more words than needed I guess,so I thought it was time to ask the question in simplest of terms.


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