Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Standoff, missing documents and disks that can't be read in the embezzlement case

More of the shambles being revealed:

Standoff between the People and Defense regarding discovery in the alleged $100,000 embezzlement case - John Chiv/Words Worth

Rees said he was "trying to locate some items she requested which had been difficult, "given the volume of discovery" and because "the attorney, previously handling the case has left our office." The last coverage of this case was in the Times-Standard and DDA Christa McKimmey is listed in that article as the prosecutor. Mr. Rees said he went through all the discovery and some of the discovery like a receipt books were difficult to copy and he thought some of that discovery had been provided to defense. He said the retirement of a DOJ agent also made it hard to locate some of the discovery being requested.

...According to the TS 2013 article, a criminal grand jury indicted Cervantes for the alleged embezzlement."

For someone charged with alleged $100,00 embezzlment; Socorro Cervantes has a devil may care attitude; trial setting continued again - John Chiv/Words Worth March 17, 2015
Trial setting for former assistant court manager charged with allegedly embezzling approximately $100,000 from local court's operation department - John Chiv/Words Worth Jan 27, 2015
California embezzlement case: Woman Indicted five years after the act - 10/30/13
Fortuna woman pleads not guilty in $100K court embezzlement case - Thadeus Greenson/Times-Standard 10/07/13

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