Thursday, March 05, 2015

Not going for the Death Penalty for Warren

Next Warren court date more than just pre-trial hearing: City Attorney's motion to squash subpoena of EPD Record Supervisor and County Counsel's motion to quash defendant's subpoena - John Chiv/Words Worth Mar 5, 2015

DA not seeking death penalty for Jason Anthony Warren - Juniper Rose, Eureka Times-Standard
Humboldt County District Attorney Maggie Fleming announced to the court today that the death penalty will not be sought for Jason Anthony Warren who plead not guilty in March 2013 to two counts of murder and two counts of attempted murder with special circumstance allegations.

“I am advising the court and counsel that after review of the evidence and review of the current state of the law it is the people’s decision that we will proceed with special circumstances but we will not be seeking the death penalty,” Fleming said. “Based on the special circumstances we will be seeking life without possibility of parole.”
No Death Penalty Sought In Jason Anthony Warren Trial - Mike Dronkers/LoCo
District Attorney Maggie Fleming will not pursue the death penalty for a man accused of killing two women and seriously injuring two others, the Times-Standard is reporting.

Authorities believe Dorothy Ulrich of Hoopa was killed by Jason Anthony Warren [pictured] in the early morning hours of September 27th, 2012. Hours later, Suzanne Seemann, Jessica Hunt, and Terri Vroman Little were on a morning run on Myrtle Avenue when they were struck by a vehicle allegedly driven by Warren.

The collision killed Seemann as well as Hunt’s dog Maggie, while Hunt and Vroman Little sustained serious injuries.

Warren is charged with Seemann’s murder as well as that of Dorothy Ulrich. Warren pleaded not guilty to two counts of murder in 2013.

“Maggie Fleming has kept us in the loop and she has our full support,” Vroman Little told Lost Coast Outpost.

From the comments: Copland
There were other cases that Gallegos should have sought the Death Penalty in and didn't. Gallegos knew he would never have to try the case, so his pronouncement of it was a joke. If the family is fine with it (no death penalty) then it is probably the right decision. The death penalty is non-existent in CA. No executions since 2006.