Wednesday, March 11, 2015


The long-pending murder cases are being dispatched...

Matthew Brown gets sentenced 40 years for killing Neil Decker today which was Decker's birthday - John Chiv/Words Worth 3/11/15 3:08 PM
Friends of Neil Decker told me before court opened today was Neil Decker's birthday. Family and friends sobbed as they read victim statements.

Decker's mother said after her statement in court,"You motherfucker I hope you rot in he'll "

Matthew Brown flashed a peace sign and smiled at Decker's loved one as he was lead away by the bailiff.
Chiv's coverage of this case:

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Matthew Brown was asked to come to the Johnson home to work out differences. Matthew Brown came over carrying a loaded gun." - 2/13/15

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Neil Decker died of "a single, shotgun wound to the chest" and "his blood was positive for meth" - 2/7/15

"I know some of the things are not to be talked about in the community" - 2/5/15
"He came home and he was really scared; he didn't know what to do; that he just came at him and he had to defend himself" - 2/5/15

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Matthew Brown murder case jury trial delayed a week 12/17/14

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