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ELMY WORKMAN: Two plea deals rejected, case goes to trial but " resolved"?

Elmy Workman was found guilty of PC 245(a)(1), assault with a deadly weapon and personal infliction of great bodily injury per PC 12022.7. - John Chiv/Words Worth

Basically, this one was not allowed to tank.

◼ Well, look at this: link - Lost Coast Outpost prints the DA's PRESS RELEASE, which DOES NOT tell the story of how Gallegos/Zach Curtis tried to tank this case.

It is a grotesque misrepresentation of the story of the verdict. You can read the lousy thing at the link. The only good thing you can say is the DA's Office finally does seem to grok that there were life-threatening injuries.

A couple of comments shed some light:
Jacqueline ZumwaltThe district attorney was going to let her plea out to an assualt charge. Angel had to get a lawyer. The judge finally denied the plea agreement and made her stand trial for a felony charge. It took Angel 3 years for justice to be served. I wish that LoCo had told more of the story. If Angel hadn't fought hard for that justice, that woman would have been let off with probation. I hope the new DA better serves the Humboldt community.

Angel DawnThank you. Allison Jackson is a hero. She took my case, probono, two hours before this crime got a three year probation result. It's sad the DA's office didn't do their job themselves. I hope Maggie Fleming can turn that office around for the better. I got lucky. Think about how many cases didn't get proper justice :/'s stomach turning

swedeIf you all would read the Chiv blog regarding this case, I don't have a link, you will learn that Gallegos twice attempted to gain a plea bargain for probation for this convicted vermin apparently falsely asserting special circumstances existed. Allison Jackson had to represent the victim because the DA was more concerned with expediting the prosecution (sic). Per the blog, Jackson represented the victim in front of Feeny and Feeny denied the plea bargain as Jackson successfully argued the special circumstances did not apply and the wounds received by the victim were evident the criminal was attempting to eviscerate her (purposeful "J" incision with severed liver, etc). A status was set for June 30th of this year. Apparently when Jackson and the victim appeared on the 30th they learned Gallegos had already in early June attempted and achieved his same plea in Reinholtzen's court. As I understand, Jackson had that matter reversed.

Jackson rightfully called out Gallegos for "forum shopping" attempting to find a judge who would approve his plea bargain attempt while totally disregarding the victims rights per a recently passed proposition requiring DAs' to notify victims of prosecutorial actions against their assailants.

It is a relief to see that this matter was finally brought to its rightful, final conclusion. We all should be relieved Gallego's time as the top law enforcement officer in this County is now numbered in the days.

Jacqueline ZumwaltExcellent Swede. Thank you for posting that info/history. Gallegos actually told Angel that she had no rights or say in what deal was made with the woman who tried to kill her.

John Chiv was the only one to cover the case as it went its tortuous way through the courts. LoCo is remiss in not pointing this out and linking people to the coverage - OR asking for a full report with a byline. As it is, you don't know the half of it. But those commenting DO.

TWO Plea Deals tossed, NOT by the Perp. BY THE COURT. Denying a victim's rights, judge shopping (BY THE DA!), a complete and utter failure to act in an ethical and transparent manner.... and yet he, the DA, no less, lectures the people of the County about their 'priorities.'

Sneaky Plea Deal fails
Allison Jackson scores another win for victim; deal between Gallegos and Sanders busted - John Chiv/Words Worth
Allison Jackson puts a crimp in secret plea deal - John Chiv/Words Worth Jul 30, 2014
Allison Jackson, who is representing the victim in the Elmy Workman case was never notified that the same plea deal that was rejected by Judge John Feeney was presented again to Judge Dale Reinholtsen. She was not also sure if Judge Reinholtsen had been given the background of the case. - John Chiv/Words Worth Jul 30, 2014
Previous plea deal rejected back on table with no victim notification; exact deal - John Chiv/Words Worth Jun 30, 2014
Judge Feeney tentatively rejects Workman plea deal; final decision is the same, case to go to jury trial - John Chiv/Words Worth Apr 15, 2014
Elmy Workman sentencing postponed again, this time defense requests continuance based on amended probation report - John Chiv/Words Worth Apr 3, 2014
Elmy Workman sentencing postponed again. - John Chiv/Words Worth Mar 20, 2014
Defense and private attorneys run the courtroom under Paul's watch? - John Chiv/Words Worth Mar 12, 2014
Another case where comments sections get out of control - Real News From The North Coast June 3, 2012
Suspect arrested after woman stabbed in Arcata - Times-Standard May 31, 2012
Blue Laker Slashed, One Arrested - Arcata Eye May 30, 2012
APD Press Release - May 29, 2012


  1. Good job to Zach Curtis. An even bigger thank you to Allison Jackson. Without her objection and intervening this would never have happened. She may not have had an impact on every case since 2010, but on this one she did.

  2. Way to go Zach!

  3. I would not be patting Zach on the back for this. Not the way it went down. The good end result is not thanks to him.

  4. Well I think the gist of the story was that it was Gallegos who tried to force down the inappropriate plea. Not Zach. Gallegos tried twice but failed thanks to Allison Jackson. Zach just tried the case and won, I assume that those were the charges she was charged with (although in my opinion this was really an Attempted Murder). The end result was thanks to him because he won.

  5. No, the gist of the story is that Paul in charge of the office tried to make another plea deal with one of his defense buddies.

    Thanks to Allison Jackson, the plea deal was rejected twice. It only got any public attention because it was reported by a blogger, John Chiv. The professional media suck.

    Yes, Zach prosecuted a case which was cut and dry, does deserve credit, but ultimately the case went to trial because Allison Jackson knows the law. The verdict was just because a jury did their job.

  6. Zach should not be blamed for Paul's failings. You are exactly correct that without Allison, Paul's corruptness would have carried the day. Here is a novel concept. The first case that Maggie Fleming should file is called Peo v. Paul Gallegos. That would be a great day. We need to know that corruption will not stand.

  7. Paul's corruptness carried the day because many defense attorneys cared about making money and did not care about victims. Lack of reporting from media that gets favors from Paul to only promote wins.

    Your obsession in mentioning Zach in every comment is overboard. Thanks for finally giving Allison Jackson credit. You still glossed over the fact that the public would not know about the background of this case except for Chiv's reporting. He is the only one who has exposed the disaster the Gallegos administration has been.

    The victims will continue to suffer as long as District Attorney press releases are what the media considers reporting.

    The jury won this case, despite a corrupt justice system and people like you, that let Paul slide for over a decade.

  8. You have no idea what you are talking about. Defense attorneys care only about their clients. They have to. It's a legal deal. If those Defense attorneys used corruption to get deals for their clients (which I believe is in the realm of possibility) then Maggie Fleming should criminally charge this POS and expose this for everyone to see. We'll see if that happens.

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  14. Great essay on race in Hollywood, penned by Chris Rock


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