Tuesday, November 25, 2014

DOLLISON’S DOCKET: California’s Leniency on Crime and What it Means for Humboldt

California’s Leniency on Crime and What it Means for Humboldt - Allan Dollison/Lost Coast Outpost

...There is one consistent exception and thread to re-alignment, drug treatment and the Prop 47 initiative, and that is defendants who have violent offenses or are registered sex offenders are not eligible for these “reduced punishment” systems. However, most people in our community are not affected by violent crime. What they are affected by, tremendously, are these property offenses. We are now entering a new chapter in how we treat these offenders. Will leniency mean they change their lives, or make them more likely to commit these offenses and not change their behavior? We are starting with a very high baseline in Humboldt with these crimes, so if it does spike even worse this community will be a terrible place to live. MORE

Dollison's Docket on LOCO and Ryan Burn's post Cannabis Voice, as some LOCO commenters like to say are spot on - John Chiv/Words Worth

Frequent DA informant Quentin Williams lucks out getting Allan Dollison appointed as his defense attorney - John Chiv/Words Worth

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