Friday, November 07, 2014

Passing the Torch: Maggie Fleming looks to the future as district attorney

Video at KIEM-TV/News Channel 3

And, no. It's not going to become the 'watchmaggie' blog.


  1. She is absolutely right that the most important task is restoring confidence in the DAs office. There is none. I mean seriously none. Rex saying "she'll prosecute the criminals" might be hamstringed by Prop 47. She needs to announce her leadership team. She has been silent on that.

  2. Fleming is up to the task, the monumental task. i have had zero confidence in the DA's office under PVG for some time. Fleming can't fix the DA's office overnight, or in a month, but I'm sure things will be better from day one.

  3. Rose, you were mentioned in the Mad River Union


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