Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Good News

Besides the fact that Gallegos has decided not to seek another term...

Humboldt County voters will have good candidates to choose from.

Arnie Klein, who is already officially in the race, and Elan Firpo, who is rumored to be jumping in, are fine people.

Who knows how many will jump in by the filing deadline. You could see 5 or 6 candidates in the race.

Whoever wins in the end has a huge mess to clean up. Everyone knows this. Most people though, have no idea just how bad it is. It won't be an easy job.

But word will get out - the rest of the state will know that it might be worth taking a chance on Humboldt again. You'll be able to attract more seasoned prosecutors to replace the ones who were lost.

A year is a long time to wait for the fix to start to take place, but...

It's good.

Here's wishing Paul Gallegos a long and prosperous career in private practice.

And, good luck to the contenders. It's a worthy endeavor.


  1. Klein has 40 years experience, and Firpo has 4. The DA's office is too big of a mess for a legal four year old.

  2. It seems odd to me that there are 112 comments on the Lost Coast Outpost article re PVG's not running, but none on the articles in the NCJ TS or the MRU. What gives?


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