Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Maggie Fleming to run for DA

Another first for John Chiv - Words Worth


  1. I believe the lady's father was named
    "Fleming". One M.
    Of course, what is most important is that, if this rumor proves true, Humboldt has the chance to not only elect its first female DA, but a DA of impeccable integrity
    and proven public service.

  2. Maggie is not only the most qualified candidate to run the DA's office, but the most decent and kind person I have ever met.

    I had the honor of being a deputy alongside her in our county's district attorney's office. Although not new to the law, I was a brand new prosecutor. I worked in courtroom 8, Judge John Feeney's courtroom. As always, he gave me sound advice. Judge Feeney told me that if I wanted to know how to represent the People, all I needed to do was to watch Maggie Fleming and then do the same as her.

    Much easier said than done.

    She made it look effortless. Always classy, always well prepared, and always respectful. Just having her name in the race brings hope to our county.

    Kathleen Bryson


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