Saturday, November 16, 2013

Confirmed: Élan Firpo to formally announce run for DA

Confirmed: Élan Firpo to formally announce run for DA - John Chiv/Words Worth


  1. Ms. Firpo was admitted to the bar in May of 2008. One would need to be persuaded that that is sufficient time to garner the experience and judgement the District Attorney should have.

  2. Nope she joined the bar in the spring of 2009. That is simply not enough time to learn the skills needed to administrate an entire county. As well as leaving her at a disadvantage in dealing with issues knowledgable and effectively.

  3. State bar attorney search page says:Firpo, Elan Active 255922 Eureka May 2008.
    Oddly, Ms. Firpo's linkedin profile describes her as an "attorney " in 2005:
    Law offices of Adam L. Pearlman
    December 2005 – March 2009 (3 years 4 months)

    This is not starting well.

  4. Whether it's 4 or 8 years of experience, it still doesn't compare to Arnie Klein's 40 years experience. Humboldt county needs a District Attorney who has the knowledge of experience.

  5. The good news here is - they will get to run a good campaign, on their merits, and their plans for the office. It's a good thing - and whole race just got a whole lot lighter, and more positive. It's a good thing.

  6. Well, don't make assumptions, necessarily - I don't know how Linked-In is, but some things like it only give you categories, and don't allow specifics - just look at Facebook, which until recently (and even still in some cases) lists everyone from here as living in Redding.


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