Tuesday, June 19, 2012

DA employee acquitted in DUI case

DA employee acquitted in DUI case - Times-Standard

...Legal Business Manager Jeannie Duncan was arrested April 30, 2011, in Eureka on suspicion of driving under the influence and was ultimately charged and prosecuted by the California Attorney General's Office, which reported Monday that Duncan has been acquitted by a Humboldt County jury.

Duncan was placed on paid administrative leave two days after her arrest and has since filed a claim for damages against the county alleging she was retaliated against for questioning a host of nefarious activities in the DA's Office.

District Attorney Paul Gallegos has generally denied Duncan's allegations but has declined to discuss them in detail. The county has rejected Duncan's claim, but it recently came back before the Board of Supervisors in closed session, agendized as “anticipated or potential litigation.”

Claim alleges malfeasance in DA's Office; Gallegos: Allegations will be proven false - wp
Claim alleges malfeasance in DA's Office; Gallegos: Allegations will be proven false - Thadeus Greenson/The Times-Standard
Lawsuit against DA Gallegos alleges corruption, discrimination & harrassment - wp
The District Attorney’s Office’s Legal Services Manager has filed a damage claim against the county alleging that District Attorney Paul Gallegos, former Assistant DA Wes Keat, Chief Investigator Mike Hislop and other management-level employees subjected her to “discrimination, harassment and retaliation.” - Daniel Mintz/McKinleyville Press
Lawsuit Against DA Alleges Corruption, Discrimination, Harassment - Daniel Mintz/Arcata Eye
$150K Audit Probes Years Of Grant Bungling By DA’s Office - Daniel Mintz for The Arcata Eye
The attacks on the messenger have begun. - wp

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