Sunday, June 03, 2012

Susan Adams has TWO "R. Trent" Salzmans

I, Paul Andersen, am the mastermind behind the “Who Is Stacey Lawson?” website (

I deliberately remained anonymous because I knew the website and my efforts would get more publicity that way. And it worked — the Press Democrat made more of an issue about who was behind the site than what the site actually said. This publicity generated many more hits on the site than I imagine would have happened otherwise, which in turn spread this information further.

He claims Ms. Adams had NO I-D-E-A-R what he was up to: "In the interests of full disclosure, I worked on Susan Adams’ Congressional campaign from August 2011 to the beginning os April 2012. I left for a variety of personal and political reasons. I want to state clearly that the Adams campaign had no knowledge of my activities with the “Who Is Stacey Lawson?” website."

And, being honest and straightforward – and upfront about who you are would have hurt your candidate? How? Exactly?

It appears Susan Adams has a weakness for guys like you, with the dirty tricks department in full operation. You, I can understand. She, however, also has a Richard Salzman problem. (Turns out she’s paying him, though leaving everyone with the impression he too was ‘just a volunteer’) You’re the icing on the cake. Were it not for that, I might perhaps believe that she had “no idea” what you were up to, but nope, not now. She apparently is not too concerned about being honest and straightforward – and upfront. Shame on her.

Are you behind the robo-calls misrepresenting the republican candidate, too?

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