Thursday, May 10, 2012

The attacks on the messenger have begun.

Daniel Mintz, Kevin (Arcata Eye) and Jack (McKinleyville Press) are under fire for reporting on the purpose of the closed session meeting regarding the damage claim against the County.

Mitch - the new "Heraldo" leads the charge: ◼ DA employee files suit claim against Gallegos, other employees
Hey Kevin, The screeching partisans here at Heraldoland are waiting for you to report the facts, buddy. Did you already know what's in the T-S story when you printed the hit, or will you be using the Durham maneuver ("duh, nobody told me, it woudda been a scoop")?
Hey, Mitch. It's called an "evolving" story. The only crime is NOT to report out of fear of your braying hounds.

And "Jack Sherman" (aka (Jack Sherman) IP address: commented on DA employee files suit against Gallegos, other employees.
in response to Mitch:

More at Kevin Hoover’s Arcata Eye. The Daniel Mintz story hit job has everything but a response (or even an indication that a response was solicited) from any of the people against whom the allegations have been filed.

I tried to read the Eye a few times. It's design appears haphazard and chaotic, distracting to read, difficult to follow, with words in colored boxes jumbled so tightly together it's like deciphering a code, you have to be an idiot-savant or M.C. Escher for the layout to make sense. I'd hate to see it shut down, but newspapers have made themselves increasingly irrelevant. Journalists used to hunger and compete in search of the excesses and ironies of injustice and power, now they cower from them. Not much of a story here. There's literally hundreds of employee suits on file downtown against HSU, county, state, and federal officials, and soon, one of the largest employee lawsuit-generators in the world will arrive in Eureka's Bayshore Mall.

Kevin Hoover says:
May 9, 2012 at 9:48 am
Publishing public documents is a “hit job” in Heraldoland, always eager to defend the status quo/powers that be.

Surely you know that the accused have been advised not to speak about the pending litigation. But if they do, great. There will be a more elaborate story next week.

Were a different DA in office, you’d (prematurely) frame it a story about a whistleblower being harassed, as the DA’s opponents surely will prior to any actual fact-finding being done.

We’ll continue to report the facts and let the screeching partisans try and shoehorn it into their respective, funhouse mirror-image narratives.
Mitch says:
May 9, 2012 at 10:06 am
Right, Kevin. No need for a phrase like, “The Eye contacted so-and-so for a response. So-and-so replied that they were unable to comment on pending litigation.”

Everyone knows that, and besides, it might point out that we’re only hearing one side’s story. No need for that. Hey, got a good limerick?
jackdurham says:
May 9, 2012 at 11:10 am
District Attorney Paul Gallegos has been contacted and asked to respond. As soon as he responds, his response will be posted.

Regardless, we will continue to cover the news, without fear or favor. McKinleyville Press Editor Jack Durham has some thoughts on the matter. - Arcata Eye/Facebook
Our straight forward reporting was described as a "hit piece" and "yellow journalism" on the anonymous blogs. (Kevin Hoover and The Eye took most of the heat, even though we shared the same story.) - McKinleyville Press/Facebook

How dare you report on something that actually happened, is a matter of public record, and is serious enough to warrant a closed session discussion by the County Board of Supervisors. The nerve.

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