Friday, May 25, 2012

Free speech?

#Occupiers have the right to free speech, and they take full advantage of it. The idea that it is being abridged because they can't homestead the Courthouse is ludicrous.

They have the right to petition their government, as do we all. They have the right to write letters to the editor, as do we all. They have the right to design and print all manner of printed materials including flyers, letters to fellow citizens and elected officials, ads in newspapers, magazines and other publications. They can even start their own publication. They can buy ads to get their message out on radio and TV.

They have cellphones, websites, email, blogs, Facebook, Twitter and livestreaming, which #Occupy all over the world takes full advantage of.

In short - they have more free speech than anyone in the history of the world. Long gone are the days of having to xerox flyers. No one - no one - has done anything to take away their right to free speech.

The only thing the Board of Supervisors (including Mark Lovelace) has done is ask that they exercise some level of decorum and respect for others, and for public property.

The idea that being asked to go home at night infringes on their free speech - laughable. Get real.

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