Sunday, December 05, 2010

Lisa Derrick's deliberately and despicably ignorant piece at Huffington Post

CA Elections: Gallegos Wins DA Race in Humboldt County - Huffington Post

In September, the Humboldt County DA's office negotiated a huge settlement against Skilled Health Group for their neglect of senior citizens. The DA's office also successfully prosecuted a wrongful death case under new California case law, winning a large judgment for the widow of a bicyclist struck and killed by a motorist. And this being Humboldt, Gallegos crafted thoughtful, responsible guidelines for medical marijuana growing.

I interviewed Gallegos before the election and was impressed by his vision of stewardship for the land, water and residents, his belief in personal responsibility and his support of self-determination. He also strives to marshal the resources of the DA's office to best serve the county's residents and by extension the state and nation (The Skilled Health Case affected nursing homes in four California counties and seven states, and his measured approached to medical marijuana could serve as a model for other states confronting the same challenges)....

...While Gallegos's vision reaches beyond the boundaries of Humboldt County, he is very focused on the overarching needs of the community. Gallegos' win, coupled with Kamala Harris' victory as Attorney General, maintains California as a progressive state geared towards the betterment of its populace through a judicious approach....

Consider this, Lisa - if he was all that - Baykeeper/EPIC/ERF would hire him. They won't. For all the hype, they know he ain't up to snuff.

George Shieman, another Gallegos cheerleader, called to tell me he thought Kamala Harris should appoint Gallegos to fill her old seat.

I say "GO FOR IT!!!" God, I so hope you're successful. The sooner the better.


Let's recap:
Gallegos' real role in the Skilled Healthcare case... a minor role at best, though he reportedly spent many days sitting in the courtroom so that he could claim to be a part of it... no reporter has yet asked him the question Paul Hagen posed:
... Three private law firms initiated the Skilled Healthcare case and again did most of the work, but in his ads Gallegos takes full credit. His ads are neither true nor ethical.

If you really want the truth about Gallegos’ professional ethics, inquire of him why the other affected DA’s and the Attorney General all refused to join in his Skilled Healthcare settlement due to their ‘ethical concerns’ over his use of secret settlement monies and more. Ask Gallegos himself to explain directly, honestly and openly the formal rebuke he has received from the California District Attorneys Association for his unprofessional use of DA authority in settling that case. Go ahead, ask him to explain honestly and directly. He won’t. That would require real courage and the capacity to tell the truth regardless. He has neither.

Ms. Derrick does not care about the facts, she is spouting pure shameless unadulterated propaganda. It is revolting, dishonest and despicable.

And there's more glowing rhetoric at her other site: ◼ Humboldt County Thanksgiving: Paul Gallegos Wins DA Race - Lisa Derrick/LaFiga/FireDogLake - OH LOOK, it's FireDogLake, it really must be about right vs left after all. /(sarc)

She's closed the comments there - so there's no opportunity to provide some honest information to her readers - such as the fact that Gallegos' case against Palco went down in FLAMES every time it managed to get into court - yes, she goes back in time to bring that up to polish his pathetic resume.

The facts are here, lady. I suggest you do a little reading.

GALLEGOS WINS: Blogger vows jihad 4 more years - "heraldo"
The propagandist responds
The facts are still here lady. What happened when Gallegos' PL suit finally made its last ditch effort to make it to trial, when he appealed his joke of a case all the way to the CA Supreme Court? They laughed, Lisa. The justices laughed. But you wouldn't know that. What happened with Gallegos up in Del Norte County, Lisa? You wouldn't know that either. What has happened to the CAST Program here under Gallegos, Lisa? You wouldn't know that either. Thanks for the link, though, it's always nice to let a broader audience know what is really going on here.


  1. She swallows. And i don't mean koolaid.

  2. She is a pathetic tool.

  3. Lisa Derrick writes La Figa for FireDogLake and hostesses FDL Movie Nights. She attended, in theory, UC Berkeley and Loyola Marymount University, but spent more time in punk rock clubs than class, eventually matriculating to autodidactic studies in lots of weird useless pop culturey stuff. She has worked for bookstores, record labels, on film sets, in nightclubs and as a freelance writer, as well as writing for and editing Grammy and Sacred History magazines. Her hobbies are religion, history, esoteric arts, and re-runs of Beverly Hills 90210, along with film noir and American melodrama.

    That's her bio - she can add despicable propagandist to the list.

  4. Hi Rose. Posts on FDL close automatically after 48 hours; nothing cowardly about it, simply a way to prevent spammers and bots. Sorry you missed the window, but thanks for the linkage!

    I find your views intriguing and would like to subscribe to your newsletter. You can read more of my despicable propaganda at

  5. Lisa Derrick, You're a tool. You got used here. You don't know jack about the subject. You do your readers and yourself a disservice.

    If this article is any indication of the accuracy of your writing, you ought to find another profession.

    Did they pay you?

  6. Tell you what, Lisa - open up your comments on that post. I'll post the real facts. Then your readers can actually get a fair honest picture and make up their own minds - maybe they'll prefer the fairy tale. But at least they'll know the Emperor isn't wearing any fine robes. Whaddya say?

  7. Hi Rose, Comments on FDL close automatically; that's the way the entire site works, not just my section. I am making sure however that people come over and read your points of view as civilized dialog is necessary for forward movement.

    By "they" in comment from 9:08 pm Weds, to whom are you referring as having paid me?

  8. Rose, why don't you start your own post to clarify instead of bagging on Mrs. Derrick. I am not sure I understand the venom. Keep up the good work, regardless.

  9. Wow, Rose. You are exactly the reason I hate admitting I'm from Humboldt County. People often smile politely and roll their eyes because they think the whole area is filled with ill-mannered, irrational crackpots. Thanks for carrying on the stereotype.

  10. Rose, I think she's showing the class in this exchange. You can respectfully disagree.

  11. Are you holding back and not posting responses here, Rose?
    You at least have the choice, which Lisa does not...

    Are you censoring your blog to only show one side of the debate? Or only allowing people who say hurtful things about those with whom you diagree?

    Say it ain't so!

  12. Hi Rose,

    I notice you have not posted my reply, nor others that readers let me know they sent you. It strikes me that you may be controlling the comments to make a specific impression about me. You may want to visit before the comments about this matter close.


    You read this Rose?

    Ouch, they really gave it to you hard!

  14. "Tell you what, Lisa - open up your comments on that post"

    Yet you don't open up comments!

    You're a nut Rose!

  15. Well, moderated comments were a new thing here, as regular readers know. My basic philosophy throughout was that it was better to have the discussion, and I have allowed uncensored comments up until a few months ago. Including 524 identical attacks against me.

    I closed them because I decided not to allow that openness to be used by Salzman and co. to spread the false memes. He had plenty of other venues to try to convince people that Allison was a drunk. (Not true, Richard, and shame on you) That also meant I did not allow comments (allegations) about Richard, Paul's and Joan's own drinking. And though they are many, without proof I did not allow them through. Not so Salzman - he pushes his desired "scary" meme without any care for proof or truth. I did not post about Gallegos stumbling out of the Lost Coast Brewery either, despite the fact that if I had had a videocamera with me, I could have backed up the statement.

    I have said before that whatever Salzman is saying, you need only turn it around to see what he himself is up to - and the pattern is there for all to see.

    Lisa Derrick doesn't have a clue what she is talking about - and everyone here knows it.

    So, go ahead, PJohn, stick around and you will see who the "ll-mannered, irrational crackpots" are - enjoy the ride. While you are waiting - read up. You'll see the facts are here. Grand Jury reports, articles, documents, Paul's own words, Salzman's own words. Proof. For what it is worth.

  16. Rose's "moderation" includes ignoring my first reply in which I queried

    *By 'they' to whom are you referring?*

    Innuendos are seem to be her specialty. If she will clearly state her question, I will be happy to answer it.

  17. You already answered the question elsewhere.

    Were you aware of his calling himself a Professor at HSU?

    Do you think your hero should claim to have created programs that predate him by many years? If you're ok with that kind of lying that tells us everything we need to know about you, lady.

    When you realize you have been lied to - what do you do then??

  18. You are not answering my original question. And you are deflecting.

    Who are you alleging is paying me?

    Just tell your readership, Rose, for the sake of transparency and your reputation as straight shooter who unafraid to dodge the hard questions: Who do you think is paying me?

    And why do you think someone must be?

  19. I was merely curious why you would post such slop. One rarely sees that unless the propagandist is being paid, you being such a bigshot and all. One would assume also that Huffington Post held their authors to a higher standard.

  20. Wow Rose. Nice backpedal, plus once again your insatiable need to lob nastiness makes a return appearance.

    And you have yet to identify the "they" to whom you refer.

    A religious cult accused me of being paid by the Germans, the psychiatric/pharmaceutical industry AND the Fifth Marcabian Fleet. Surely you can top that. There's a nice tin foil hat ready to ship you for the holiday of your choice!

    I think your blog is wonderful way for people to learn about politics in Humboldt and the various forces at play.

  21. Well, you're used to it then. You're awful touchy for someone who is used to it - I merely asked you a question. Thought you'd be tougher, being used to the big wide world out there. I mean Huffington Post, you ought have skin 18" thick.

    And i ask you again, do you defend your hero calling himself a Professor? Speaking of backpedaling, you should seen him.... he left smoking tire tracks.

    Did you check out the stats on child abuse prosecutions? See that drrrrrrrop. plunkkkkkk, all the way to the floor? What does that tell you? Wonder boy was put on notice FOUR YEARS ago about his decimation of the CAST program - has he done anything to fix it since then? NO. See, you'd know these things.

    But silly propaganda is so much easier. It just sounds so cool and all.

    if he's such hot stuff, you'd think one of the predatory litigious orgs would scoop him up wouldn't you - they live and breathe by employing lawyers, a great one like Gallegos is supposed to be would be a real catch wouldn't he?

  22. Annnnnnnnd, for the record: Lisa answered:
    For the record: No one I have ever written about has paid me to write about about them and junkets, tee shirts, meals, etc. don’t sway me. I did once write a piece about U2, Negativland, Fair Use and copyright. A while later I was paid before it was repurposed into a press release; the essay has also been excerpted elsewhere without recompense.

    As for asking who "they" are - I think it is obvious - the Gallegos campaign, the only one who benefits from your piece.

    But, the overreaction has me curious. Who else might it be?

  23. Rose,

    How could the campaign benefit if it was posted after the final election results were released?

    I read Lisa's post as saying its refreshing to have a DA who is thoughtful, cares about civil liberties, understands balance and is unfraid to be David to Pacific Lumber's Goliath. Regardless of who "wins" a war, its the early resisters that take all the heat... in this case, environmentalists, treesitters, protesters, and finally, on behalf of the People of the County of Humboldt, Paul Gallegos.

    Paul Gallegos is not infalable. But hes not a demon either. Being human (and/or drinking) is not something I'd vilify someone for, including Allison. Nor is volunteering to do a job people will hate you for, no matter what you do. There, I can admire Allison and Dikeman too. But if a candidate is beholden, or thinks cops are infallable, or above the law, I won't vote for you. The imbalance of power between police and citizens is too great. The DA strikes a balance right there.

  24. Hi Rose,

    Just saying "they" makes you look moonbatty.

    Local politics give a huge insight into state and national politics, and can be very rough and tumble.

    Your views differ from the majority of voters, and are thus vital for the community. Hopefully your voice will continue no matter who is office, otherwise it just looks like you have an axe to grind.

  25. Well it could benefit his run for Attorney General in 8 years! Just think - a liberal from rural California - cosmopolitan but down home.

    And that may just be another stepping stone!

  26. Maybe it does. I guess I assumed "they" in this case was obvious.

    I do have an axe to grind. I don't like politicians who lie.

    The really truly sad thing is Gallegos could have been great. Could have been everything you seem to think he is. But he isn't. and his supporters are continually having to come up with excuses for him.

    What can you say about a guy who claims to be "weaning" his office from grant funding in order to spin losing the grants? What can you say about a guy who has to plagiarize his Op-Eds? What can you say about a guy who has to lie about his accomplishments, pretending to be a Professor, for God's sake?

    You know the really sad thing? You may think he believes in the things you believe in. Many here also did, and have learned to their dismay that he doesn't really believe in anything. You see your own high ideals. But he is an empty vessel with a nice reflective coating.

  27. Well that's harsh!

  28. Eric! Stop it! You cannot defend a liar. He did not have to lie - he did not have to pretend to be a Professor. He did not have to lie about creating programs especially when the lie is so easily proven to be a complete and utter fabrication.

    He is a liar. And you are guilty by association if you defend him - and you are guilty of participating in the character assassination that arises out of your progressive scorched earth ally, Richard Salzman.

    It's obvious to all at this point what "progressive" means. It means pot. Pot. Pot. Pot. At the expense of everything else, even your own scruples.

    You wouldn't lie like that, eric. Why condone it?

  29. Wow Rose sure is a tool!

  30. You are a sore loser Rose.

    Face it, Salzman owns you

  31. And yet again, you cannot answer the question. You try to pretend. Yet you know - the only way you win is by lying. You cannot win on honesty or merit. Only by lying and cheating.

    And what have you won? Four more years of covering up his errors, his failings and his shortcomings, lying and spinning, bullying reporters - not someone you can be proud of. Not someone who can do the job and stand up for himself, nor even tell the truth on his resume. So "progressive."

  32. (That's meant for Richard, Lisa, not you.)


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