Thursday, December 02, 2010

But the reason may be in the Dec. 15 commission meeting in San Francisco

Governor eyes pair of Coastal Commission appointments
... “Why is he rushing to make these appointments? That’s the question on everyone’s mind,” said Susan Jordan of the Coastal Protection Network. “He called for the list (for the Central Coast) in October, well before there was even an opening.”

The governor’s move has raised eyebrows, in part because he is making the appointments himself rather than allowing his successor to do it and because Schwarzenegger, viewed in the Capitol as seeking to polish his environmental legacy, wants to exert some measure of control over the powerful commission as he departs office.

“It was curious why he would act before the new governor came in. It usually is considered protocol that the new governor make the appointments,” Jordan added....

As for the local situation... Lovelace and Neely overreached. Again.


  1. I love how the people of Eureka think the only role of the Coastal Commission is to work on the Marina Center project.

  2. I love how people think that Eurekan's think that way.

  3. I don't see where Lovelace overreached on anything.After the notice was given of the governors intent,he took it upon himself to make his wish to be appointed known,and even notified all public entities and those involved with them his intent.Despite that,any fault to find here lays in the hands of Arnold,who has no business making this appointment.

  4. English please?!?

  5. You don't see is the correct answer. You don't know. And if it as a rattlesnake it woulda bit y'er toe clean off. Nah, Mark wasn't manipulating anything. Nothing to see here. Nope. Move along.

  6. Well Rose,if you have info implicating Lovelace has done something illegal or inappropriate then I hope you explain it in detail.Like I said,if you want to place blame somewhere here,place it on Arnold who is making an appointment he should not be making,one reason being that he wants to make it look like he did something to help out.Mark Lovelace wants to serve,so he did what he needed to do to get his name thrown in.


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