Saturday, December 18, 2010

Ken Miller has lost it

No Photoshopping necessary, bugs. THIS is how its done.

◼  Ahoy for now
As commodore, I felt compelled both to welcome my shipmates to the War-finger and to clarify certain high level policies my inferiors are not privy (sic) to.

Like Wikileaks, the FEIS is filled with embarrassing facts my subordinates cannot discuss (besides, leaks is a Navy no-no)....
it gets better...

Has anyone been able to read this all the way through? WTF is he saying? Can you decipher it?


  1. I think he's trying to say...

    Rose lost another DA campaign

  2. on some other planet maybe.

  3. I get it, it's political satire. I write ramblings like that all the time but seldom publish them. They seem to need so much work the next day that I just hit delete. Sometimes they slip through though. I think that Ken will recover.

    You have to admit Rose that he wasn't the only one at the meeting that was animated and engaging.
    He was a part of the pre meeting protest at the Warfinger last Wednesday that was well over attended for the size of the venue.
    The meeting put on by the Navy at the request of our Congressman Mike Thompson was nothing more than an informational dog and pony show. Nothing was to be gained by it except for some good rants and questions that will go on the record.

    Navy representatives said that congress gave them the authority to turn our coast into a training range with live bombs, sonar and other stuff. Our congressman gave us the Navy. It's like a dog chasing its tail. Through the MLPA we will protect fish so that the US Navy can blow them up or drive them out of the water. The two can't seem to coexist in any rational way. Proceeding with both while neither project has any say over the other is madness.

  4. Here in Rio Dell we have to listen to the Humboldt Watershed Council legacy of Ken Miller and Mark Lovelace as helicopter logging fills the air with noise pollution from dawn to dusk. Helicopter logging pilots don't live in Humboldt County and we suspect the logs taken out of Humboldt County by helicopter logging are going to the Mendocino Redwood Company in Ukiah for milling--leaving Scotia more or less a ghost town for local employment. Good work, enviros!

    Not only does the helicopter logging replace local jobs and pollute our airwaves with that wonderful wap-wap-wap-wap sound, just think of how the wildlife are reacting to that sound which is much louder for them being closer to the source. I wouldn't be at all surprised if animals are fleeing from all that noise carried on daily for almost two years straight now. Nice work, Ken and Mark!

  5. A little Napolean.

  6. Rose:

    Really? I thought Allison Jackson lost it. Let the spin begin!


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