Thursday, October 15, 2015


Richard Salzman is a liar. The North Coast Journal won an award exposing his Web Of Lies, remember? SHAME ON YOU, NORTH COAST JOURNAL, for allowing the fevered figments of his imagination to taint the election process once again. SHAME ON YOU. It demeans your publication. I am embarrassed for you. You should, at the very least add a disclaimer to his letters when you let them litter your pages.


  1. Rose:

    And if you should happen to write a letter to the NCJ, what kind of disclaimer should they print for YOU?

    They don't print disclaimers on letters because they shouldn't. It's not a good idea (and just plain isn't Cricket) to editorialize other peoples contributions when they write under their own names.

    Now... if Mr. Salzman was writing under pseudonyms, then you'd have a case.

    Okay... I think I figured out why I keep getting double postings. Here's trying...

  2. You should be complimenting me on my restraint, MOLA. You have no IDEA how heavily edited that it. You do have to laugh though, at the way he pulls in all his boogeymen, don't you?

    And the really funny part is it's his boys who are proposing zoning changes, and RV parks and parking lots. And bringing in the flooding back east, he must have thought that was a stroke of genius. Must have been the bourbon.


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